Scenario on March 8 in kindergarten and school for children and mothers. Festive scenario of the concert and matinee with competitions for the International Women's Day

The holiday of spring, flowers and women in the country's educational institutions is not as magical and fabulous as it is in the home. Where the popes congratulate their wives and daughters on the first spring flowers, where the long-awaited gifts in bright wraps raise the mood by the mere appearance. But even in kindergartens and schools, matinees and concerts timed to the International Women's Day are warmed by spring warmth, filled with wide smiles and filled with laughter. Children's festivities have always been, are and will be popular and relevant, despite the change of generations and decades. After all, the March 8 scenario, like that of adolescents, is inexorably changing from year to year.

Funny scenario matinee on March 8 for the younger group of kindergarten

The main goal of the matinee on a special Spring and Women's Day is to create a fun festive atmosphere, to develop in the kids the desire to participate in collective events, to enrich their inner world with positive emotions. Funny matinee for March 8 for the younger group of kindergarten contributes to the deepening of knowledge, the expansion of vocabulary, the formation of respect for adults and the development of creative abilities. But such children's holidays are important not only from a pedagogical point of view. Among other things, they perfectly rally the children's team, entertain, amuse and inspire parents and kids to spend time together. One of the most important tasks in the run-up to kindergarten on March 8 is the selection of the script, and at the same time all the important trifles: costumes, scenery, music. Everything should be harmonious, aesthetic and natural.

The idea of ​​the original script of the children's morning performance for the holiday of March 8 for the younger group

The matinee for March 8 can be anything - created based on songs, a popular fairy tale or invented by educators impromptu. The main thing is that all the children are interested and involved in the production. A good idea for the script is "The Journey of Flowers to the Land of Spring." The following roles are provided in the script: The main idea of ​​this matinee is simple and understandable even the smallest. Children play the role of flowers, and a caring and diligent gardener cares for his garden. The sun with the Cloud carry out various competitions and games, and harmful aphids in every possible way tries to do much harm to kids. To drive away the mongers, the guys sing songs, tell short poems, dance simple dances. All in business, all fun! At the end of the scenario of the children's morning performance for the younger group, you can organize a bright buffet in honor of March 8 for children, moms and grandmothers.

Scenario on March 8 in a kindergarten for mothers and children - a fun morning with joint games

The senior preschool category includes children of 5-7 years old, they are more active, smart and smart. And since in the preparatory group of the kindergarten morally and intellectually prepare for school, the script of the festive morning performance by March 8 can be more complicated and full. In place of typical greeting poems with touching dances of flowers come humorous sketches "on the topic" and collective competitions with games. Senior preschoolers quickly and without difficulty find mutual understanding with people of different age categories, which means that games can attract culprits of the celebration - moms and grandmothers. We also suggest that you complete the scenario in the kindergarten for mothers and children on March 8 with cheerful joint competitions.

Funny games for the script for moms and children on the matinee by March 8

Children's competitions on the matinee in honor of March 8 create an atmosphere of fun and ease. Funny games can dilute concert numbers or complete a beautiful program. Here are some of the best options for the senior and preparatory group of the kindergarten.

An interesting scenario of the holiday on March 8 in the kindergarten for the senior and preparatory group

In most public schools and kindergartens, the holiday on March 8 is celebrated traditionally - a concert-performance according to the standard scenario. And what if you supplement the usual program with magic tricks? Little miracles performed by inspired wizards will surely adorn the matinee and be remembered by the guests. After all, an interesting scenario of the holiday on March 8 in the kindergarten for the senior and preparatory group is not only the usual concert numbers and demonstrations for parents. But also part of the impromptu, the share of surprise and a little magic for the children themselves.

Magic tricks for the holiday on March 8 in the senior groups of the kindergarten

Among the best magic contests we picked up for senior kindergarten groups, there are simple funny jokes. But there are real tricks that create a magical illusion due to the laws of physics or the sleight of hand of children.
  1. Magic focus "Conspiracy of water." Prepare a glass jar with a tightly screwed lid. For the wrong side of the cover, paint it with gouache or watercolor bright red paint. In the course of the focus, pour water into the container and screw it with a lid, not turning to the viewers a "red" place. Speak clearly and with an expression of magic words: "Just like in a fairy tale, become red water." Then shake the jar very vigorously. Vodicka will wash the watercolor and change its color.
  2. Focus on the feast of the 8th of March "Boiled egg". To conduct the required boiled purified egg and a transparent carafe with a neck diameter slightly less than the egg. Invite someone from the parents to push the props into the carafe. After a failed attempt to guests, throw a few lit matches into the vessel. Cover the neck with the blunt end of a boiled egg - and watch. As the oxygen burns in the decanter, the egg will gradually slip through the narrow opening.

  3. Funny trick "The Magic Nut". Fill a plain beaker with half a piece of raw white rice. Clean the walnuts in the shell and press them into the rice until the very bottom. Invite parents to touch the nut with their fingers, without touching the grain of rice. Bad attempts of the guests will not succeed. But you are a magician! Take the glass in one hand, and the second tap on it. Small light rassinki will gradually sink to the bottom - and, eventually, they push out the magic nut to the very top. Now it will not be difficult to touch it.
  4. Focus-illusion "Silver coin". Prepare a thick-walled transparent glass and two identical coins. One of them is imperceptibly clamped between the fingers of the right hand from the inside (parents should not know about its existence). With the same right hand, cover the glass on top. Promise guests to push through the second coin through the thick bottom. On the left palm, put a free coin and slam the bottom of the vessel several times. The coin from the right palm is imperceptibly released into the glass, and the second (in the left) is carefully placed.

Contemporary scenario on March 8 at school with competitions for moms

Organization of joint holidays plays a significant role in the life of the classroom. Fun activities help boys and girls to make friends, and also - fun and fervently spend time. And not only on the day of the concert, but also during the whole preparatory work. Making up a modern script on March 8 at school, rehearsing, learning roles and cues, classmates learn mutual understanding and respect. In addition, International Women's Day is perhaps the best way to remind schoolchildren of the importance of moms, grandmothers and sisters in their lives. For the most part, the script for the school concert by March 8 consists of the following standard stages:
  1. Select the time and place for the event. You can spend the morning prince of the junior classes in a smart classroom. And for the concert of high school students the assembly hall is more suitable;
  2. A meeting of boys and dads to discuss the script and budget for gifts, the distribution of roles and responsibilities;
  3. Selection of audio for musical accompaniment. Appointment of the person responsible for the equipment (microphones, tape recorder, computer, etc.);

  4. Identification of talents and selection of concert numbers. Students who attend choreographic circles should be involved in the production of dance, and children from theatrical circles - to organize funny scenes and lyrical sketches;
  5. Discussion of scenery and the choice of craftsmen for their creation;
  6. Distribution of roles and images. Discussion of costumes. Separate attention should be given to the selection of leaders. With such a responsible role cope with relaxed and sociable boys. Let the girls on March 8 rest;
  7. Preparation of congratulations or gifts for teachers, head teachers and invited guests of the holiday;
  8. Final approval of the script and planning a disco or tea party.
The standard layout of the scenario is the key to success and lack of force majeure. But in order for the concert on March 8 to be really cheerful and festive, it is worthwhile to include in the classical program several modern contests-impromptu for girls and moms.

Contests for moms and schoolchildren on March 8

We offer you a selection of unusual contests for moms and school girls on March 8:

Scenario concert on March 8 for high school students

Unlike students of junior and high school, graduates can organize a holiday on International Women's Day without the help of teachers, parents or organizers. Scenario concert on March 8 for high school students, as a rule, has nothing to do with the usual standard and is more like entertainment for classmates than for demonstration performances for moms and grandmothers. Yes, and the choice of format goes far beyond the traditional talent show with dances, songs and congratulatory poems. But how to correctly choose the script of the concert on March 8 for high school students, so that every teenager finds something interesting for himself in it? All possible options are better to consider in more detail.

Scenario options for March 8 for high school students

  1. A small party for classmates without invited guests . Such a holiday is organized exclusively for schoolchildren. Guys in advance prepare everything for tea drinking, buy symbolic gifts, decorate the cabinet with balloons and fresh flowers, think through 2-3 cheerful numbers in the form of humorous skits, parodies of songs or funny tricks. The main feature of this event is an easy and relaxed festive atmosphere, saturated with joy and laughter.
  2. A humorous evening of KVN on the theme "March 8". Over such a scenario will have to work hard. The girls will play the role of judges and grateful spectators, and the boys will participate in the humorous contest, having previously divided into teams and preparing funny performances on the headings ("Business card", "Musical number", "Question on filling", "Scenario about March 8" and etc.).
  3. Culinary fights . The scenario of the event assumes the presence of invited guests - moms and grandmothers. Senior students will be divided into teams and choose the captains of one of the parents. Products for competitions will have to be purchased in advance, but you can treat all the guests of the holiday with ready-made delicacies.
Have you already prepared a scenario for a school or kindergarten on March 8? No? The couple is in a hurry, because the holiday is just around the corner! Hurry up to find the funniest ideas for a children's matinee or a concert with fun games, funny contests for children and moms, unusual performances and bright characters. With our helpful tips and important tips, your holiday will be completely different from all the previous ones.