Beautiful and rare names for girls born in 2016: how to name your baby?

The birth of a child is a long-awaited event and a real holiday in a multitude of happy families. If you expect the birth of a daughter - our tips will help you find out which names for girls in 2016 are considered the most suitable. We have selected the most beautiful and rare Orthodox, Muslim and Tatar names for newborn girls.

Are Orthodox names for girls a tribute to tradition or an outdated approach?

Despite a multitude of conflicting opinions, the church nominal calendar remains one of the most popular methods of choosing a name. In addition to following a good spiritual tradition, parents also get a chance to find rare enough names, which even in the head will not come immediately.

Analyzing the coming trends, there are several aspects that point to the most suitable names for girls born in 2016. Among them:

Church calendar of names for girls born in 2016

Muslim names for girls in 2016 - what to look for?

To give a name to a child born in the pure world of Islam is a great and honorable tradition. Since ancient times he was selected very carefully, relying on what character traits would be worth first of all to lay in the child. As for girls, their main virtues are still beauty (expressed not in one word, but much more poetic), purity, kindness of the soul, innocence and integrity. In addition, often the name underlined some characteristic of the newborn, which was already noticeable. For example, a cheerful, smiling girl was called Tarub or Baasim, lunolikuyu - Badriya, big-eyed - Najl.

We offer you modern names, divided into several categories:

Tatar names of girls

A separate line can also be identified Tatar names, which are the product of many glorious cultures. Among the most popular now are Adil, Ainaz, Alzamiya, Wajib, Vasil, Wahib, Ghazil, Gaisha, Gulnaz, Dilbar, Dilyana, Dinara, Zakira, Zamzam, Zemfira, Ilaria, Indira, Karima, Leili, Leysan, Lucia, Madina, Malika , Nazim, Naim, Nuria, Ravia, Raif, Rais, Rubin, Said, Tazid, Talia, Farid, Fatima, Habba, Hafiz, Chulpan, Shakira, Elmar, Yulgiz, Yazgul.

In any case, calling the baby, it is necessary to take into account both its external data and character traits (already inherent or only predicted), and also harmonious sounding in combination with the father's name and surname. We hope that the above-mentioned best names for girls of 2016 will certainly help you make a good choice.