School Silver Spoon 2016: Day of knowledge in the style of haute couture

Silver Spoon is a Russian brand whose collections are prominently displayed in the fashion market. This brand of children's clothing produces school, everyday and festive lines for young aesthetes with a refined taste. School Silver Spoon 2016 - a collection, withstood in the best traditions of the preppy style. It does not meet the democratic sports outfits, bright colors, neon prints - all things of the brand are distinguished by irreproachable cut and elegant minimalism. Sets for boys resemble miniature copies of classic male outfits: woolen suits-triplets, thin blazers and cardigans, dapper coats and quilted jacket jackets.

Form in the English style - universally, concisely and fashionably

Promotional photo of School Silver Spoon 2016

The maiden wardrobe is more colorful and diverse: there was a place for blouses with lace and romantic frills, and folded sarafans, and skirts with decorative draperies and stylish sets of dense tartan fabric. Quality, of course, at an altitude: elegant and good things can last more than one season, preserving the original appearance. Clothing from the collection of the School Silver Spoon 2016 can be purchased in multi-brand stores and on the official website of the brand.

Formula of impeccability from Silver Spoon: classic style + comfort

Advertising Campaign School Silver Spoon 2016