Sergey Bezrukov's wife: "I'm starting a new life"

Some time ago Irina Bezrukova left intriguing comment on her page in Instagram: "I'm starting a new life". In this case, the tags that accompanied the recording were even more intriguing: "# masksRunned # Time Start allAll the beginning # wish meMealMedinessMessages # lifeAllRestate to itsMosts". Considering how difficult this year was for an actress, her fans suspected something was amiss.

In March, Irina experienced a terrible tragedy: her only son, Andrei, died. In order not to get stuck on her grief, Bezrukov went headlong into the work.

But not only the tragedy with his son became a test for Irina. In the press, information about the personal life of the actress's husband, Sergey Bezrukov, has been extensively discussed for a long time. About a year ago, the paparazzi published information that Bezrukov is growing two illegitimate children from the St. Petersburg actress. And most recently, the actor was suspected of a service romance with the director of the film, where he is currently being removed. The ubiquitous paparazzi managed to take a few pictures of the couple.

The latest news about Sergei Bezrukov's personal life allowed Internet users to conclude that his wife's message about the beginning of a new life is nothing more than a hint of parting with her husband.

Soon Irina clarified the situation. Idle gossipers can still rest - there will be no divorce, the Bezrukovs are still together.

The new life of Irina Bezrukova is connected with new projects. For about 15 years, the actress practically did not act in films, and now she has interesting suggestions. In the new film, together with Irina will play Maria Poroshina and Konstantin Lavronenko.

In addition, the actress is engaged in a new play of the Moscow Provincial Theater "Infinite April".

Irina Bezrukova interviewed her own husband

The actress, in addition to theatrical performances and film projects, will continue her career as a TV presenter: in the late 90s the actress worked for RTR and STS. Now Irina will conduct the program "Conversation on stage". In the new TV project, the host will meet with celebrities, whom she chooses. In the coming issues, viewers will see Maxim Dunaevsky, Dmitry Kharatyan, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Denis Matsuev. With each of her guests, Irina will communicate for about an hour, and when the program is broadcast, a minimum of editing is planned - only a lively conversation.

But the very first guest of Irina Bezrukova was her husband Sergei. Filming took place in the provincial theater: the couple spent two hours talking about the cinema, about love and personal life, about rest. The program will premiere on channel 360 on July 31.