Sms with Mother's Day in prose and verse. Short SMS congratulations to mom, friend, mother-in-law, daughter

In childhood we were told that the most important day of the year for our mothers is March 8th. On this holiday we gladly devoted the most beautiful poems to our beloved parents, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends, sang merry and naive songs, gave homemade gifts and cards. And over the years it turned out that real and future mothers have their own full professional day. And let in different countries, the date of the holiday falls on different days of the calendar, we will surely remember our own for life. Every year on the last Sunday of November, with the same pleasure, we present pleasant surprises to our precious mamuls, give them beautiful flowers, shower compliments, wishes and words of gratitude, send sms with Mother's Day, if by fate fate our relatives are far away from us. As in childhood, so now we strive to express to them our sincere love, care and gratitude. And cope with this task help beautiful and funny congratulations in verse and in prose for mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, girlfriend.

Short sms in verses on Mother's Day to sister and mother

The most difficult profession in the world is to be a mother. From the moment of the birth of the child, the life of the mother is filled with completely new shades: deep unconditional love, tremendous responsibility, the desire to make the world purer and kinder. Every day and every free moment the parents devote to their children, caring for their happiness, health and inner peace. And any child, in turn, has the opportunity to thank his mother on her most important day with a beautiful greeting, a sweet gift and a colorful bouquet of bright colors. Send and you are short SMS in the poems on Mother's Day to the sister and mother. They will certainly be pleased with the beautiful gesture on your part. Today is a holiday for you, which means that it will sparkle with kind eyes. You helped me to solve problems, You did not let me back down. Thank you mom. You are my luck.

Without sleep of your nights a lot has passed, Caring, worrying for us is not counted, Earthly bow to you, dear mother For the fact that you are in the white world.

To find so many sincere words, To express your tenderness and love. Happy mother's day, the most native man! Give, God, to you of happiness for the whole long century!

Short and funny sms in verse with Mother's Day for daughter

Parenting is not an easy task: sometimes it is madly happy, sometimes terribly upsetting. At certain times, children are out of control, leaving in the hearts of parents a place for eternal unquenchable anxiety and concern for their fate. Watching his daughter grow up, father and mother try to help her avoid fatal mistakes and prompt correct decisions in vital matters. It is especially difficult to realize that your once little daughter has already become a parent for a new generation of baby goats. Now the daughter, like her mother, deserves a beautiful and funny congratulations on her "professional" day. Short and funny sms in the verses with Mother's Day for the daughter look further! Now you are my mother, my daughter, I congratulate you on your mother's day, Let any dream come true, I wish my grandchildren health. You. Daughter, take care of yourself always, Children love, and be a good mother, And do not be sad, dear, never, In order to remain in life itself!

The daughter, the sun that gently shines, Warm appeared in my destiny ... And now we celebrate Mother's Day together, And I very much wish you: Less nights of uneasy, restless, Less dull and cloudy days, More smiles of childish, happy. And to me from you - more good news!

What do you wish, dear daughter, Today, on Mother's Day, a big holiday? And the early morning, and later the night, you and the kids are near, with an open mind. Lovely and beautiful are your lullabies, And your kindly gaze gladdens your soul. Let life give you a ringing merry, And your family will be well and happy!

Sms in verses for Mother's Day for mother-in-law

I am a very different kind of mother-in-law - kind and harmful, reasonable and selfish, wise and conflicting, calling on any occasion and forgetting about important holiday dates. But whatever your mother-in-law, it's worth sincerely to thank her. This woman gave the world a wonderful boy and raised from him an excellent man. She did not sleep at night, sitting at night in the bed of a sick child, supporting her son in difficult moments and rejoicing at his life achievements. Of course, on this day the mother-in-law deserves the most sincere congratulations and real gratitude from her daughter-in-law for her amazing spouse. Pick up the SMS in advance on the Mother's Day for the mother-in-law, to give her pleasure and not to hit the dirt in the face. My dear mother, the second, Happy Mother's Day, I congratulate you heartily! I wish you health, love and good luck to your mother-in-law and money in addition!

Today is Mother's Day, a special holiday, I send my congratulations to my mother-in-law. After all, you for me, like another mother, The same kind you and dear.

I congratulate you, my mother-in-law! Today is your holiday - Mother's Day. May love not end in your heart, How many would you not spend it on everyone!

Sms congratulations in prose with Mother's Day for a friend

To pick up beautiful sms congratulations in prose for Mother's Day for a friend is more difficult than it seems at first glance. Congratulatory lines should not sound too dry and indifferent, because a beloved friend is almost a member of the family. At the same time, sms with verses can not be too familiar, otherwise the resentful nature will necessarily find in it a hidden meaning. Optimal congratulations on Mother's Day are always benevolent, as much as possible correct, sincere and positive. And only if your friendship is many years old, and behind a long period of support, mutual assistance, quarrels, truces and common adventures, you can safely use funny or humorous rhymes

Sms with Mother's Day is the best way to congratulate mother, mother-in-law, sister, daughter or girlfriend, if she is far away from you on this kind and bright holiday. Send short wishes in verse and in prose to a future or real mother, let her feel your love and care.