Talismans as a gift for Feng Shui

What a pleasure to give gifts! But how can it be difficult to make the right choice. I would like to surprise and please with a gift, but it is necessary that it should come by the way, so to speak, fully corresponded to the situation. It can be a birthday present, a wedding day, a housewarming party, any professional holiday or you just wanted to please your loved ones.

For us to choose a gift is a fairly important and difficult task, because, in addition to usefulness and beauty, I want the purchase not to be too expensive for my pocket. A similar gift can be any of the talismans of feng shui, you just need to figure out the variations.

A gift to greet a newborn baby

If you are invited to a birthday party, parents will really like the gift that will fill the environment surrounding the baby with positive energy, will promote development, help to protect against illness. In this case, you can choose and give the talisman of the Dragon, tell the parents that this talisman will help their child grow smart and strong, it is the talisman of the Dragon - this is the strongest talisman in the teachings of feng shui.

You can give a fan that you can hang over the baby's bed. Only the fan should be made of natural materials - bamboo, wood or silk. He will help protect the child from disease and unkind spirits. The dog's amulet is also relevant in this case.

A necessary and right gift will be buying a picture. The picture should be with the landscape and it should be hung in the room. The painting should not have mountains, it can be meadows or valleys flooded with sunlight. If the parents want the child to be educated and intelligent in the future, you should present a picture with the image of an owl, it turns out to be a symbol of wisdom. Such kind of paintings will attract positive children's energy.

Gifts naswadbu

Feng Shui culture reveres everything connected with the family and advises giving only young gifts to young people, regardless of whether they are solid figures or flat images. If you say okratinah, then there will be relevant paintings with scarlet peonies or mandarin ducks. Such a gift will be a symbol of eternal love and happiness. You can complete the picture by matching steam vases, which will need to be placed in the bedroom of the young. Vases are better to buy porcelain, glass, metal, or wooden.

You can choose and talismans in the form of cranes or ducks-tangerines, which will become a symbol of inseparability and fidelity. It is worth buying such souvenirs, which will be made of ceramics or stones of light colors.

The symbol of love and family well-being - the fairy of the moon, the patroness of loving hearts, gives them peace and joy, and also protects them from trouble.

The GiftChildle

Completely in different cases, we congratulate our colleagues, it is especially important to understand what exactly you want to wish a person by presenting as a gift a statuette of feng shui.

Those co-workers who are striving to advance on the career ladder, present the image of a sailboat, but in a calm sea or a landscape of mountain theme. You can give a talisman in the form of a turtle, which is a symbol of the support of the non-decease of a goldfish, which will certainly help to achieve success.

If you wish the person material wealth, then make him a gift in the form of a money tree or a three-toad toad. Such a gift can be given to a person who retires, so that he does not leave a sufficient person even when he is finishing his career.

A very good gift - the elephants, it is a symbol of a lack and stability. In this gift, the main thing is that the proboscis should look up.

A twisted shell is the best gift for someone who travels often.

Gift to the health or elderly people

Pictures with a picture of growing bamboo and grass are a wonderful gift, as it symbolizes longevity and strong health. Talismans in the form of peaches or pumpkin hula will help bring energy to health and well-being. The elephants will help to adjust the energy of the home of the elderly to the right way, as they also symbolize longevity.

The crystal ball will help to bring spiritual harmony and health.

Universalism of the mists of Feng Shui

Absolutely to any holiday and event it is possible to buy such talisman as wind music, it is bells. It is the most comprehensive, since it helps to spread the positive energy of Qi.

A talisman in the form of a laughing Buddha, or as it is, a cheerful fatty Hottay, will also be appropriate in any case. Talismans of a laughing Buddha are made with different attributes, however, the most powerful is Hottee, who carries a dragon on his shoulder. He will help bring prosperity and happiness to the monastery.

In addition to the gift itself, it is undoubtedly important that they give it out with all their heart. With bad intentions and in the event that you are not so friendly towards a person, you can not even look at such strong talismans! After all, the gift will save the energy of the person who gave it, which means it will bring negative energy.

It is even more important to tell all the advantages and purpose of the gift, so that the person who accepts the gift knows and understands the purpose of the great talisman, and also that he be imbued with your care and attention.

It is always worth remembering the truth that a gift is symbolically meaningfully better than worthless! In specialized stores you can always ask for help from a Feng Shui consultant who will help you make the right choice and explain all the positive aspects of this or that mascot.

Remember that feng shui talismans are the best gift, as they will help protect your house from negative influences, attract money, give peace! Such a gift will be an excellent assistant in building a better future.