What should the guy say to him to fall in love?

Love and love are the states of our soul. And any state can be called, if desired. If we consider the love of the opposite sex, the love of a man to a woman - can it be artificially done so that he falls in love with you? What do you need to tell a guy to fall in love with you? How to specifically cause a guy to have a feeling of love?

There are specialists in hypnosis and trance who know how to make a guy fall in love with you. In a state of trance, they restore the state of love and then transfer these memories into reality. But we are ordinary people. Can we learn to fall in love with ourselves guys? After all, you must have met such people who involuntarily, even sometimes without knowing it, cause a feeling of love with other people.

If you follow our methodology, you can also cause love in a person when meeting you and not only so naturally that the guy does not even understand and will not notice how it will be in your networks.

How to make a guy fall in love with you?

To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the basic principles of love and love, because they are based on all other rules.

The first principle: A person falls in love not with another person as such, but with the image that he creates in the consciousness of the interlocutor.
To do this, you just need to seem perfect, and not necessarily be perfect in fact. And this image is created by our behavior.

The second principle: A man falls in love with a mystery, in the one in whom there is a mystery.
If you want to succeed in having guys fall in love with you, there must always be a secret in you, a secret, something unsolved. The more secrets, the better. After all, a mysterious girl is much more attractive than someone who is too simple and who can always be foreseen.

3-rd principle: Guys love inaccessibility. Affordable to everyone, no one is interested and has absolutely no value.

4-th principle: When a man falls in love, he wants to do something good for a loved one, absolutely unselfishly and without demanding anything in return.

The fifth principle: To make a guy fall in love with you, you need to make sure that you mean a little more to him than he does to you. Then he will do more for you.

There are several reasons why a guy falls in love. The most common are the following reasons:
- It's time to fall in love. Some people just want to fall in love, they want to experience the feeling of love, because it's time.
- The need for understanding. Every person has a need to be understood. This, too, is the reason why a person is looking for someone.
- The need for feelings. Many people have a need to experience happiness or suffering. Yes, yes, it is in suffering. That's why good guys choose themselves "cheesy" girls and vice versa, we, girls, choose ourselves "bad guys". Thus, a gap is filled in the feelings and sensations experienced by us.
- The need to protect someone (for men) or the need for protection (for women). This need is inherent in nature itself in every person. The male wants to protect the female, the female wants to find a strong male, so that he protects her.
- It also happens that a girl or a guy seeing that his / her object of attention seeks to communicate with another girl / another guy, then he / she, feeling competition, falls in love for the reason of inaccessibility. Jealousy also often serves as a reason for falling in love.

So, if you want to fall in love with a guy, you need to form in his understanding the value of yourself, your beloved, and also make him afraid of losing you.
For this there is a way that we called "The behavior of the prize."
It is necessary for the guy to have a feeling that the girl has a sufficient number of potential partners and that she has a choice. The girl should let the guy know that she has something to do and that she is attractive to other people, that many people want to talk with her.

For example, you can say: "My friend just drove me to a meeting, and we almost got into an accident. He drives very badly. Next time I will not go with him, I will ask someone else. "
In this phrase the girl tells the guy that she has at least two friends of the opposite sex, and even more, ready to bring her.

Or it is necessary to say: "My friend had a misfortune. Because of her, two guys quarreled and fought, and she treats both of them very well - as good friends. I even got spoiled for this. Why are you men like that? ... "
Even with the naked eye you can see that this is a hint. He also says that you need at least two people. Therefore, you have value for the opposite sex.

Also, if a guy has done something undesirable, you can say: "When you do this, you slowly kill feelings in me."
With this phrase, you show the guy that he can lose you because of his unwanted behavior. As a result, he will be afraid of losing you, and will try to make amends.