Toys are the child's favorite entertainment

What toys - a favorite entertainment for a child, you need a baby from birth to 1 year? The choice is great. Focus on the age and preferences of crumbs.

Most recently, you have a little. You have in advance bought him everything you need: diapers, ryazhonki, bonnets, rattles ... Have you ever wondered what toys the baby needs from birth to the year?

0-3 months

We observe, study

Kroha most of the time peacefully snuffles in the crib. Waking, when he perceives information, does not last long. What is he interested in?

Mobile (musical suspension) - a movable rotating structure, which is suspended over a cot. To it are attached figures of animals, rattles. Mobile produces melodious, pleasant music, the carousel rotates. The Kid follows the moving figures, studies color, shape, learns to turn their heads to the toys that interest him, the child's favorite entertainment.

Pendants, arcs with toys, bells are fastened to a cot or a stroller. A rag bracelet with a bright toy or bell will help the crumb to "find" its pens.With his hands and watching the bright bracelet on them, he will get the first idea of ​​his motor abilities.

4-6 months

Grasp, pozhuem

By the end of the third month the child already knows how to stretch out his hand and grab the thing that interested him. Here you will need different rattles, which you can grab, squeeze and shake. Convenient for children's pens and plastic or wooden rings, light, bright, filled with rattling balls.

Toys from different materials (fur, flannels) and pieces of fabric can be made by yourself. What shapes and sizes - you decide. Maybe you'll make a book in which each page will be made of a different texture - velvet, velvet, silk. Or it will be soft cubes. And even simple pieces of tissue that you give to crumple and touch the child, will undoubtedly benefit, developing the tactile sensitivity of the crumbs.

The teetotron is useful when the teeth begin to appear in the crumbs. The child examines the toys available to him for taste and touch with the help of the receptors of the tongue, and after the 3-4th month of the baby begin to disturb unpleasant sensations in the gums. Teethers - in the form of a ring, rubber or silicone, filled with a gel that can be cooled - will come to your rescue.

The developing mat is put on the floor for the baby's plays. The child can, lying on his stomach, consider bright drawings, reach for toys - the child's favorite entertainment or lie on his back and play with objects suspended from above on arcs.

A safe mirror will give pleasure to a four-month-old baby. Toss can be, lying on the tummy, hit the fist, while listening to the ringing.

6 months - 1 year

Conscious manipulation

The child still continues to study the objects around him through all the senses. However, now conscious manipulation of things is added to his actions - to twist, tear, put, throw, etc. You can sew them yourself or buy in stores, where recently a large selection of such toys has appeared - the child's favorite entertainment. Wooden and plastic cubes: large and small, with bright patterns and monophonic, of different colors.

And then he himself will start building the towers. Playing with dice, despite its seeming simplicity, better than other fun develops eye and accuracy movements. Musical toys (drum, xylophone). The crumb will gladly click on the drum with a palm or chopsticks, and "compose" melodies on a xylophone.

Toys on wheels can be rolled on the floor, pulling a string or pushing in front of him. Balls - large, bright, ordinary and massage, with pimples - all the crumbs just love!

What you need to know when buying toys

Toys should be safe. This is the most important rule when buying things for a child. Check the conformity certificates for all products.

Pay attention to the color quality. It is better to buy toys from colored, not colored materials, otherwise the kid can swallow the paint.