The most unusual weddings in the world

Recently, in various media, you can watch the next news about the wedding, which has an extraordinary character. The fact is that, lately, young people are trying to attract universal attention to their own wedding, by means of a non-standard ceremony. And, unfortunately, very often it carries a ridiculous, and sometimes funny character. We present to your attention some of the most unusual weddings in the world.

Water Wedding

Residents of Moscow immediately after the registration was directed to the continuation of the marriage, which was planned to be held in the Red Sea, in the true sense of the word, namely under water. The wedding dress of the bride was kept in gentle blue tones. Hairstyle was complemented by an elegant diadem. The costume was in a classic style with a white shirt and a butterfly. This ceremony remained in the memory of friends and girlfriends of young people, since it carried not only an unusual character. Everything was organized in a romantic style. And even the first kiss of the young was held in the same place, under the water.

Cosmic Wisdom

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, namely in 2003, the world's first wedding in space was organized. The marriage was concluded between the commander of the space station Yuri Malenchenko and the US citizen Yekaterina Dmitrieva. At the time of the wedding, the young were separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The zhenih "plowed" outer space at the time when she was not on the ground. During the negotiations with the help of a teleconference, Yury Malchenko gave an oath of eternal love to his second half. Since the laws of Texas provide for registration at the time of the absence of one electing, registration took place.

Wedding at McDonald's

To newlyweds from Ohio, McDonald's served as a non-standard venue for the ceremony. The young couple decided to hold the event here, since it was in McDonald's that they first met each other and for a long time worked together side by side.

Wedding ceremony in the store

Another American couple, giving great importance to familiarity, conducted a marriage registration in the dairy department of the grocery store. The director of the store was very impressed by the nostalgic mood of this couple. And, as a gift, he paid all the costs associated with the cost of decorating the food hall. As well as food and drinks for the guests, as well as customers who by pure chance came for shopping on this day and this hour, were also at the expense of the director.

Wedding on the "trash"

The next original couple chose a tacoemalo attractive place for the celebration, like a garbage dump. Unconcerned guests who came to congratulate the newly-minted couple were also given an explanation that this place is associated with very romantic memories of the operatic meeting.

Wedding Vaccum

Also distinguished by the special originality of the Italian couple, who preferred to take as witnesses not people, but predatory sharks. Their ceremony was held in one of the large aquariums inhabited by sharks. The young men were equipped with aqualungs, on top of which were wearing wedding dresses. And the mayor held the ceremony, which is at this moment on land.

Wedding in public transport

Also one of the unusual ceremonies was carried out by public transport, namely in a tram. This was the cherished dream of the future and to make it real, it was helped by the mother of a girl who worked as a conductor in the same tram. Tram replaced the young limousine, where not only could accommodate all the guests, but also arranged in the transport area for the dancers, after which the banquet was continued in a more usual way, in a cafe.

The dolphin and the bride

But one of the most extraordinary stories. A woman, Sharon Tandler, who lives in London, who has a fairly high status, married Sandy, with whom she shared her surname. Her chosen one, Sandy, a settler of Eilat, is 35 years old and spends all his time in the water on the reef. And all this because he is a dolphin. Familiar young soprugi met 15 years ago, when Sharon was fond of diving. From the very moment the woman came here on a regular basis to see Sandy, a favorite dolphin. One day, Sharon asked the management for permission to register the marriage with the dolphin. The representative of the leading service was at a loss, but willingly agreed. After all, this is not every day you can see. The most beautiful moment of the ceremony is a jump of the bride in a wedding dress in the water, to her beloved husband, a dolphin. Currently, Sharon Tandler considers himself to be one of the happiest wives in the world.

70 years - is this the difference in age

In Malaysia, a 33-year-old young man took a woman, older than her years. Namely, their age difference was exactly 71 years. Over the shoulders of the newly-made wife there were exactly twenty attempts to create a family, while for her husband their marriage was the first. This example could be attributed to such a kind of marriage as marriage by calculation, but the point is that the young lady was poor. The groom, giving an interview to one of the local newspapers, said that, being next to her, he understands that someone needs someone, and only with this woman woman has real happiness.