Plan for the wedding

The wedding is considered one of the most important days in the life of two people who love each other. It is for this reason that the preparation for this solemn event often acquires the color of a tense pre-wedding marathon. Therefore, if you want to organize a holiday at the highest level and at the same time not to miss a single trifle from this process, you need a rational and step-by-step plan for preparing for the wedding.

For an ideal organization of the celebration without unnecessary nerves and emotions, it is necessary to advance to the preparation of a clear plan for preparing for the wedding and follow it exactly. You need, first of all, to get a special notebook where you can keep a record of all financial expenses and other nuances of preparing the wedding ceremony.

Start a plan for planning a wedding is recommended as soon as possible. In other words, two or three months before the event. Only in this case, you can prepare for the wedding without any haste.

Guests at the wedding

Having finally decided on the date, you need to make a list of the guests you want to see on this day at the celebration. It is necessary to estimate the total number of guests and make it necessary in exact figures, because the number of people coming to the wedding will depend absolutely on the whole further organization, including the venue and finishing the menu and renting cars. This is best done a month before the event. By the way, do not forget to precisely specify, whether the relatives and friends invited by you will come exactly to your wedding.

Attire for the bride and groom

Wedding dress for the bride and costume for the groom must be ordered as soon as possible. To do this, you should contact the atelier or a specialized store, approximately two months before the appointed date. Thanks to this you can avoid a lot of problems. For example, if you do not have the desired dress or suit in the store, you can search it for other stores, if the size does not fit - you can order a suitable one at your request, and if you sew an outfit for a special order in the atelier, you will have more time to take accurate measurements and more than once to try on a wedding attire.

Banqueting hall

Now go to the holy of holies - the order of the banquet hall for the celebration. As a rule, it should be ordered two months before the celebration, but in such wedding seasons as summer-autumn, generally for as long as four months.

Subtlety in the details of preparation

If you have a honeymoon in your plans, do not postpone the procedure for ordering tickets for these purposes.

Another main detail of the wedding preparation is the menu, the points of which should be discussed as detailed as possible. This will save you from the fact that about a week or two before the wedding (and even worse for a couple of days) you do not have to eliminate all sorts of misunderstandings that may arise with the wrong choice of wedding dishes.

And, of course, what kind of wedding will cost without professional video and photography, which should be entrusted to highly skilled animators, who also need to discuss the day and the plan of shooting in advance. Do not forget to discuss with the toastmaster a banquet script, which must also be prepared in advance. By the way, musical accompaniment and competitive programs for the wedding should be chosen by a specialist, step by step, negotiating all the details and any questions that arise with the newlyweds.

Decorate the hall can be made to order or make them yourself. Also it is worth paying special attention to ordering cars in the right amount for the wedding cortege, which should be with wedding decor.

But wedding items such as flowers and bouquets should be ordered one week before the celebration. Well, for a more original and unusual wedding, you must, by showing your imagination, make your additions and wishes in the scenario of its holding.

And the last, write down the details of the plan for the wedding day from the morning until the very end of the celebration. Remember that only thanks to correctly and step-by-step planned wedding process and preparation, your wedding will be perfect and unique in absolutely everything!