To marry a second time with a child

Many women who raise children themselves believe that it is impossible to marry a second time with a child. Of course, in many ways they can be understood. After all, when you are with a child in your arms, the man should take and love you both. That's why many ladies are afraid to marry a second time with the child, so that it does not happen that the new father will not treat the baby prejudiced, offend him, break his psyche.

The ratio of men to children

That is why women who still want to marry second time must remember that the experiences of many mothers are not groundless. Before you decide to relate your life to a man, you need to have positive answers to several questions. And the first of them will be: how does a man get along with the child? In order for the relations in the new family to be harmonious, it is necessary that the child and the new husband learn how to get along. If this does not happen, then you need to know exactly why there is no contact. In the case when it is difficult with the child, because he is capricious, does not recognize your man, tries to spoil his life, watch how the future stepfather reacts to it. If a man quickly loses his temper, every time curses, screams at the child, it's unlikely that their relationship will ever get better. You can build a family only if the stepfather wants and tries to establish relationships even with a capricious child. A normal, adequate person who loves not only you, but your son or daughter, will understand that such a reaction is quite normal, since children tend to believe that the mother belongs only to them. Especially in cases when the child did not have a father. Therefore, a man should be able to look for approaches to him, persuade him, but in no case do not pour oil on the fire, scold, call, and the like.

If you see that the child is attracted to the new pope, and he is cold or negative about it, then think a hundred times before you bind yourself by marriage to this person. Remember that a man who really loves you will see your son or daughter in your child. He will never emphasize that this is not his child. On the contrary, he will always emphasize that it's a son or daughter and will never treat him like a stranger.

Ability to provide a family

The second question that should interest a woman: is a man able to provide a child? Perhaps someone will say that this is too mercantile, but when you are responsible for someone's life and happiness, such questions will not become superfluous. The fact is that some men start a family without thinking about whether they can support it. As a result, women have to be responsible for everything. Therefore, before you get married, really appreciate the picture. And if you understand that your chosen one instead of help will only become one more "hungry mouth", think about whether you want your baby to grow up in a lack of toys, clothes, delicious food, simply because my mother wanted to get married.

Your feelings

Well, the last question, which in this case is no less important: do you really love the person for whom you want to get out. After all, it often happens that women want to marry a second time because they believe that the child needs a father. So they choose a new dad rather than a loved one. You should never make such sacrifices, because no one will be happy in a family where there is no love. The child will feel and understand that the relationship is false. And this, believe me, just will not bring him happiness. And the worst trauma will be that you, perhaps, in the end, want to divorce, and he will already become attached to a man as a real father. Therefore, thinking about the second marriage, always try to think objectively and not to make sacrifices that will not bring happiness to anyone.

But if you see that a man really loves your child as his own, he tries to do everything for him, is not an alfonso and a freeloader, and you really love him, then you can marry a second time with a calm soul. Even if your son or daughter accepts the new pope cautiously, eventually he will accept it and understand that this person really loves him and is a native person.