The woman behind the wheel: the pros and cons

The lady behind the wheel in the modern automobile world is one of the most discussed topics. Someone says that this is a disaster, and some are willing to believe in the ability of the auto-lady.

Scientists argue that the girls behind the wheel are 5 times less likely to be in an accident than the male representatives. And this fact, it should be noted, completely overthrows the popular opinion that a girl at the wheel can be dangerous for other participants in the movement. Insurance companies confirm that motorists are more likely to fall into serious accidents, but more often they need a small technical repair.

Let's therefore talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Autoladie.

Woman driving: pluses

First of all, it should be noted that women are very attentive. Damymogut analyze and perceive many more situations on the road and are able to better navigate in some circumstances.

As practice shows, ladies are much less likely to get behind the wheel in a state of intoxication, but men are much more likely to believe that such a state is not capable of preventing them from managing the car skillfully, which, as a rule, leads to negative consequences.

In addition, women behind the wheel are less slopes to gambling and risk, always want to be reinsured. And men, on the contrary, are ready to follow the rule: "Whoever risks, he does not drink champagne!". Alas, this behavior can lead to trouble on the road.

Women are less slopes to competition and are not at all aggressive on the road. Men want to offend other participants of the movement by showing them the possibilities of their car and their driving skills.

The woman behind the wheel: cons

The main drawback is that women can lose self-control in unforeseen situations. Often, ladies just get into a "stupor", while throwing a rudder and letting the situation go by itself.

Girls have much less physical strength, which means that they endure longer periods of time. The tired lady takes much more time to restore physical strength. Therefore, a tired lady will be much harder to perform heavy maneuvers on the road.

Alas, some girls have not realized the fact that high heels and shorts do not make driving easier. If this rule became known, the number of accidents involving girls would be noticeably reduced.

Often, girls spend a lot of time talking on the mobile or with the girlfriend's passenger seat. In men it is better to do several things at a time.

Women are also less well-orientated on the map, but now such a shortcoming is not very relevant. You can use the navigator and the need to navigate the pokapet immediately disappears.

By the way, some men say that even on the way to women, one wants to feel unprotected weak sex. They expect that a man should always give way or simply show tact on the road. However, the girls themselves are not ready for ordinary courtesy in the process of driving. Such a reluctance to be considered good on the road leads the men into bewilderment.

Now in driving schools there are many more girls than guys. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that motorists have already passed their exams in due time. However, the fact that men buy their driving license much more often is confirmed by statistics. They are so confident in their knowledge and strength that they do not consider obligatory to be muddled. And this fact will rather speak in favor of the weaker sex on the road.

It's clear, men love technology and glands at the gene level. Therefore, after seeing a sports car on the road, they can not hesitate to name the brand and list its technical characteristics. Girls of the same nature are very solid and refined, they are more likely to be interested in the bend of the hood or the bizarre shape of the tires, the avat of the car's capabilities is unlikely to cause interest in them. This fact can hardly be attributed to the negative or positive traits of the girl at the wheel, rather this is the specific aspect of the female worldview.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the girl behind the wheel - this is not a catastrophe and not a threat to beware of. Men need to learn from a woman of consciousness and accuracy, well, the girls will have to get involved in theory and get the best!