TOP-3 carcass is not more expensive than 450 rubles, which will make your eyelashes perfect!

Mascara Lash Sensational is often in the lead in beauty lists: the democratic product from Maybelline is not inferior to luxury brethren. The thing is in the innovative brush: its shape repeats the bend of the eyelashes, and the different-level setae in the form of a fan allow the hair to be perfectly colored - from the roots to the tips. For a natural make-up, one layer is enough: several layers create the effect of false eyelashes. Persistent pigment is poorly washed with water - it is best to use make-up lotion or hydrophilic oil.

Maybelline Lash Sensational: 300 - 450 rubles in online stores

Cosmetics of the Belarusian brand Belita-Viteks is famous for its excellent price-quality ratio. Indian ink-bestseller «Luxury. Royal volume "- a vivid confirmation of this. The product is suitable for irritated and sensitive eyes - its formula is not aggressive. The silicone brush gently separates the eyelashes, enveloping each saturated pigment: the eyelashes become thick, bulky and long. Fitovosk and polymers in the composition of the carcass do not spoil the hair with prolonged use of the carcass.

Luxury from Belita-Viteks: 340 - 350 rubles in the corners of the brand

Another inexpensive Belarusian "excellent student" is XXXL ink Extreme Exciting Exclusive Luxury, released by the Relouis brand. The elongated narrow brush, equipped with a short pile, significantly facilitates the process of dyeing the eyelashes - just a few minutes and the make-up is ready! The paint falls evenly and quickly, noticeably twisting and thickening the hairs from the first layer.

Cream ink from Relouis for only 165 rubles