Summer horoscope for zodiac signs

A summer horoscope for the signs of the zodiac will reveal to you the secrets of the upcoming season.


The general atmosphere. May: under the influence of Mars you will be overwhelmed with energy. Try to control your impulses and desires. At the same time, do your work diligently, because sooner or later your efforts will necessarily be rewarded. June: you are in good shape! Thanks to the positive influence of Mars and Jupiter, you will be able to realize all the projects conceived and achieve considerable success. A summer horoscope for zodiac signs will help the rams to gain their love and happiness.

Social life. May: There may be a small obstacle in your way. Partners will hesitate with the answer, and you will only have to wait. So please be patient! June: until the 14th, most of the meetings and contacts will seem uninteresting to you. Both at work and in your personal life you will encounter people to whom you will have little trust.

Cases of the heart. May: Venus will make you charming and most seductive among all the signs. And if you still do not have a loved one, then you will have a long-awaited meeting with him (especially if you were born in the third decade of the sign). June: this month the atmosphere will change a little. Possible quarrels and disagreements with a partner. But very soon peace and love will reign in the house.


The first decade (from 20 to 29.04)

At the end of May - beginning of June, representatives of the zodiacal signs for some time may leave the planet-patroness of the summer horoscope for the signs of the zodiac Venus, which will puzzle and make you think. Perhaps you are doubting your partner and his feelings for you. Also, one of the relatives may have minor health problems, and it will take up all your thoughts. Fortunately, Pluto will hurry to the rescue - its beneficial influence will fill you with strength and open up new opportunities for you. After June 6, as soon as Venus returns to your sign, there will be a favorable period for you. Cases of the heart, like financial, will be on top. In the program of June - a pleasant meeting, Cupid's arrow and love.

The second decade (from 30.04 to 9.05)

Thanks to the support of Saturn until the beginning of August you will have a wonderful willpower, perseverance and vision that will help achieve your goals. But you will have new duties that will take too much time - and it will be difficult for you to pay proper attention to relatives and friends. Between June 14 and 26, when Venus and Mars meet in your decade, you simply lose your head, forgetting prudence, plunging into dizzying sensations and passionate love. This period will be for you the most unforgettable for the whole year.

The third decade (from 10 to 20.05)

You will be in the spotlight. Only it is unclear what it will bring you: success or problems. You can achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable to you. Or get into an unpleasant situation in the professional field (especially for those born on May 16-17). And the most insulting is that you will not be able to control the events around you. You can even be led to commit any mistake and even try to manipulate you. As for the affairs of the heart, then there may also be ambiguous situations. The main thing, remember: what you, it seems, is not always true.


The first decade (from 21 to 30.05)

Saturn flew to conquer other horizons, and you will find peace of mind and carelessness. This will give you a great opportunity to travel and relax. Nothing will disturb you either on your birthday, or in the months that follow, which will be very successful. In the professional sphere, everything will be favorable, especially in projects that you have long been nurturing. In matters of the heart, it is possible that friendship drop by drop will grow into something more serious. And even if you are still afraid of any obligations, you will feel a change in yourself and your relationship. Even recognition and wedding are possible (especially if you were born on May 30).

The second decade (from 31.05 to 10.06)

Saturn still continues to plague you, especially if you were born after June 6th. This obliges you to take everything seriously. Wait for certain tests and ambiguous situations. But at the end of June this planet will leave your mark, and you will quickly forget all the troubles that have happened during this tiring period. And then there will be a rest, and you will throw out of your head all that bothers you, and really relax. From July 26 to August 10 thanks to the influence of Mars can restore strength and catch up. After August 10, one more embarrassment is possible, but do not worry, it will pass very quickly.

The third decade (from 11 to 20.06)

You literally bathe in the attention of others, compliments and delights, which is very pleasing and beautifies your life. In addition, Jupiter and Neptune send you beneficial fluids that soothe your hyperactivity. And it is thanks to this that you can relax and experience a lot of pleasant moments, enjoying life. Now it seems to you that you are a favorite of Fortune, and miracles happen around you. Enjoy these moments of happiness, savoring them and not missing a single detail, because life does not often give us such gifts ... After August, gradually begins to appear fatigue, there will be some doubts, and the time of change will come. At the end of the year, everything will not seem so cloudless, and you will remember with nostalgia this wonderful summer of 2009.


The general atmosphere of the summer horoscope for the signs of the zodiac. May: this month you will be unusually stubborn and will go to the principle because of any little things. June: as never before, the opinion of others will be important to you. Even if they do not say anything to you, you yourself will easily guess everything. In any case, do not wind yourself and do not invent too much.

Social life. May: at the beginning of the month it will be difficult for you to find a common language with others, but after the 13th, everything will change. Finally, you will be able to start work on your project. June: in the period until the 14th you will receive the help you need so much. Your allies and friends will go hand in hand with you. One has only to call, how they will immediately come to the rescue. But after the 14th you'll have to deal with all the issues, which is not something you really like.

Cases of the heart. May: The bad start of the month will set you up against the whole male, make you think that all men are equally helpless and useless. June: after the 6th day Venus will set you up more positively. You will feel calm and comfortable. And for a moment you will not doubt the devotion of friends and loved ones.

a lion

The general atmosphere. May: this month, in order to achieve everything you aspire to, you should be firm as steel. Take up, for example, sports - this will temper the representatives of the zodiac signs of lions. Try to resist the attempts to manipulate you. June: this month will be a little more complicated than the previous one. But, no matter how it is, your projects are successfully developing, and success is just around the corner.

Social life. May: The rare meeting between Jupiter and Neptune in your sign can lead to unprecedented success and an unexpected profitable offer, but at the same time a quarrel with someone from the business partners. June: this month will not be very easy for you, you will encounter many obstacles and tests on your way. Although, perhaps, it will temper you even more and teach you how to correct mistakes and make the right decisions.

Cases of the heart. May: your love life will be filled with love and passion. Your feelings will be more ardent than ever. If you are alone, a pleasant acquaintance is foreseen. June: not all your expectations of personal happiness can be justified. Perhaps the man that you really like, in fact, is not worth your attention, and it's better to bypass it.


The general atmosphere. May: This month you need peace and harmony. No conflicts! - here is your motto for this month. June: the atmosphere will be calm, and the location of the planets is favorable. You will not hurry anywhere, nothing will pressure you, and everything will go as you want.

Social life. May: minor troubles will be an excellent stimulus for your development. Perhaps you will take a higher position. June: those born in the third decade of the sign until June 14 will receive only pleasant news. And a week after the 8th day can become an exciting and extremely successful for them. Those born on September 20-21 after the 14th will be able to settle all the problems that arose in late April or early May.

Cases of the heart. May: this month your relationship with your beloved is not yet fully adjusted. Possible quarrels and quarrels, especially those who were born on September 6-8. June: Venus will finally smile at your sign. You will feel loved and desired, and your loved one will be very attentive and ardent.


The general atmosphere. May: you will either be a lazy lazy person, and no one can force you to "speed up", or, on the contrary, live in a furious rhythm and outrun all those who met on the way. June: Usually this month is associated with you with carelessness and fun, and this year will not be an exception. This summer, you will wait for a holiday more than usual - perhaps because the last few months you had to work a lot, and you practically did not have time to rest.

Social life. May: it will be difficult to find a common language with interlocutors. Whatever you ask, you will only hear refusals in return. June: after the 14th you will have all the trumps in your hands, allowing you to achieve considerable success at work. You will feel the trust of others. And you, probably, will be charged with a very important, interesting and promising business.

Cases of the heart. May: have patience! Venus will bring in your relationship with your loved one a few quarrels. But you will soon forget about them. June: this month, you will feel like a real vamp, seducing everyone around. And the consequences?! .. You can think about them later ...


The general atmosphere. May: Traditionally it's a month of meetings and friendly parties. But, perhaps, because of family and work hassle, you will not take full advantage of all the opportunities. June: Mars is acting against you this month. You will become too irritable, enraged by the slightest objection. Instead of bypassing the problem, it will only aggravate it. Try to become more judicious.

Social life. May: ambiguous situations are possible. You will feel that you are going in the right direction, whereas in fact, take a step back. You should reconsider your position in life. June: the signs born in the third decade will be calm and reasonable, which will help them to find a common language with the interlocutors, get a positive response and conclude a contract. After the 14th, you are completely immersed in financial problems.

Cases of the heart in the summer horoscope for the signs of the zodiac of the scorpion. May: you will be a little screwed up, and because of this, there will be a certain distance between you and the partner. But soon everything will work out, and you will enjoy sweet moments of intimacy. June: Venus and Mars promise you in a relationship with your beloved passionate and pleasant moments, which, however, will be a little seasoned with jealousy. More confidence - this month you can not leave anyone indifferent.


The general atmosphere. May: all month - no problem. You will have an extraordinary charm, and thanks to this, all the doors will open before you. June: you will become a good fairy, both for your relatives and for your colleagues. With joy you will help everyone, and for some you will become simply irreplaceable.

Social life. May: at work, you will be ready for anything and take up the business, from which everyone has already given up. An unprecedented success awaits you. June: you will be very busy throughout the month. And you will pay attention mainly to those around you, not your own. So try to find the time for yourself!

Cases of the heart. May: accompanied by Mars Venus (who now patronizes you) will be even more passionate and sensual. If you meet a handsome man, your relationship will resemble a flurry of emotions. June: perhaps you will experience a real attraction to one of your colleagues or to someone with whom you see each day. But it will pass as quickly as a summer storm passes. True, not satisfying your "appetite" at all.


The general atmosphere. May: the month will pass fairly calmly. Above all, try to overcome the inner displeasure or anger. You will have the opportunity to create a new image and improve your appearance. June: the professional sphere will help you to "flourish" and feel confident and successful.

Social life. May: your resentment can have a negative impact on the family and at work. You have become very sensitive and irritable - perhaps this is due to problems with sleep?

June: whatever you say, write or suggest, you will be noticed, and your proposals are approved. You will have a great success. After the 14th, you should reconsider your daily routine in order to keep up even more.

Cases of the heart. May: Venus and Mars go hand in hand and give you wonderful moments of happiness. Perhaps you will finally find the love that you dreamed about. June: after the 6th, your heart will hammer faster. Your companion will once again conquer you with its charm. It is possible to meet with an extraordinarily charismatic man, whose sensuality will drive you crazy. Do not doubt yourself, and especially in your appearance.


The general atmosphere. May: take a short pause, it is very necessary for you now. Everything goes fast, even too fast, and you can lose ground under your feet. June: This is the perfect month for your transformation or improvement of your home. You will want to feel protected from external aggression (especially those born before February 10).

Social life. May: in the foreground will be the sphere of communication, the circle of your acquaintances will expand. There will come a time of change. You will at the speed of light switch from one activity to another, move from one place to another. June: you will less and less want to sit at work, especially in the first 15 days of the month. Probably, warm days are to blame for everything ... But after a while you are more eager to devote yourself to the work and will be able to easily achieve considerable results.

Cases of the heart. May: your heart will beat in a furious rhythm. You will become very amorous and sensual. June: in the previous months you wanted to flirt and have fun. In June, you will concentrate all your attention on permanent relationships, on their development, strengthening, protection.


The general atmosphere. May: this month is pretty successful for you, but it's worth keeping a close eye on your expenses. Because when you see a beautiful summer dress, you will easily get a bank card, completely forgetting about the limits. June: your environment at work is very often the second family for you, and you are very attached to it. This month, you will find that your colleagues understand you even better than your own family.

Social life. May: this month can drive you into the box. You have long dragged with the end of work or with the return of debts. Therefore, you will have to do everything in a short order. June: you may have a new hobby or you will return to the old one. And thanks to the fact that now you have more freedom and opportunities - it will bring great pleasure.

Matches of a hearty summer horoscope for the signs of the zodiac. May: if in the previous months you did not develop everything in the best way (perhaps because of jealousy, quarrels or partings), then this month everything will fall into place. June: after the 6th you will have summer calm and harmony. Compared to what you had to endure, this atmosphere seems very favorable to you. You will feel very comfortable.