Unforgettable romance with make-up for a date

A date is an exciting event in the life of every girl. If you want to remember a young man for a long time, you need to look stunning and be perfect in everything: in clothes, in hair, make-up and in the mood. But for this you do not need to buy new clothes and run to the beauty salon. It's best to be yourself, not to say a false voice and phrases from the series, because it can only scare the man away. Put on comfortable clothes to feel comfortable.

Let's talk about makeup, which will emphasize your personality. Many people say that it should be as natural as possible. Therefore, some girls are ready to go on a date without any make-up. But it is important that you understand that natural beauty should be well-groomed. You should highlight your strengths and, if possible, minimize shortcomings. But do not make bright and invigorating makeup.

For make-up, choose the style that is right for you. Romantic dinner in the restaurant requires special attention when applying makeup. Therefore, the best option is make-up in a romantic style. It is ideal for dinner and for a walk under the night sky.

On the other hand, many men like "fatal" beauties. You can make your makeup catchy, but do it, given the time of day and the meeting place. But remember one female secret: from any, even business make-up, in one movement you can make an evening one, adding only a few accents.

You need to start with the alignment of the skin and masking some of the shortcomings. Sponge or brush to apply the foundation, and with a concealer or beige pencil, you can hide the pimples. Surplus of the base must be removed, in order not to create mimic lines that will age you. Hailer (brightener) it is desirable to illuminate more the area of ​​eyebrows, nose and whiskey. Apply a blush pastel, light pink or peach color, carefully shading. The powder will be actual in the "T - zone" (forehead, nose and chin), since it is here that the sebaceous glands lead to a fat gloss. It is better to buy friable powder, it is better to lie down.

When going on a date, it is recommended to focus on the eyes. Before you paint your eyelids with shadows, you need to lightly powder them or apply a little tonal remedy. Thus, they will not roll down and will last longer. Shadows should be chosen blue, pink, light brown or lilac, and also good to shade. Dark shadows will only work if the meeting is in the evening and you are going to visit any bar or nightclub, as evening makeup can be brighter, but in moderation.

Expressions to the eyes will be added by the eyeliner. Try to draw a line near the line of growth of the eyelashes and fill the distance between the hairs of the eyelashes.

So you will give depth to the look. But do not step outside the eyes, as this will look vulgar. Sexuality will emphasize the dark line along the eyelashes and the light line above.

Be sure to use mascara. Take, for example, a good water-repellent mascara that does not leave lumps. False eyelashes it is better not to use, as it will be awkward if at the most uncomfortable moment they come unstuck. You can use either black mascara or mascara to match the color of your eyes.

Men do not like drawn thin eyebrows. They think that the owners of such eyebrows are nervous and even evil. Therefore, it is necessary to bring them as naturally as possible with a pencil, and give them a natural gel.

Since we have focused on the eyes, the lips should be gentle, natural and soft. Cosmetologists recommend to choose a shine of natural shades. If you still prefer lipstick, then choose a persistent one so that you do not worry over the course of the evening and do not tint your lips repeatedly. When choosing a color, you need to consider the features of your appearance. If you have narrow lips, do not get bright colors, as they will make the lips even thinner and narrower. Give your preference to light colors that increase the volume. On top, apply gloss with mother of pearl, which will give the lips sensitivity.

There was the last touch: the blush of a peach or pink hue, a drop of your favorite perfume (the main thing is not to overdo it), and the young man will not stand before your beauty, charm and charm.