Wedding nail design at home

The obligatory point of preparation of the bride for the wedding is the wedding manicure. You can go to the beauty salon, call the master at home or you can do your own nail design at home. This is not so difficult, you will need decorative elements for nails, varnishes, tools and a little patience.

Wedding nail design at home

You will need:

The manicure of the bride can be discreet and gentle, and maybe outrageous and avant-garde, it all depends on the tastes of the bride and on the chosen image. To do this, you need to evaluate the wedding dress and accessories for it, to decide which design suits you best. With a lush classic dress, tulle skirts, it will look wonderful not long nails with French manicure or with a varnish of pastel tones. A short and effective dress is suitable for a catchy design with contrasting colors or with drawings. To the creative side of the bride is suitable unusual manicure with voluminous compositions or with aquarium design.

It is not difficult to perform a classic manicure to the bride. To do this, you need to nail the nails and give them the desired shape. Remove the cuticle, apply a special remedy on it and remove the remnants of a stick from the orange tree. Cover the nail plate with an equalizing base. Choose a varnish so that it matches with the wedding dress. If the outfit is aiouri, then light beige, cream, milky shades will suit it. And to a white-washed toilet suit silvery, dazzling white, light pink shades. Varnishes need to choose a creamy texture, translucent, they look very natural.

On the nails it is necessary to apply in 3 layers the enamel of the shade chosen by you, depending on the enamel density. One or two nails to decorate with several rhinestones or pearls, it depends on what the wedding dress is decorated with.

French manicure

This manicure will take a long time. It is necessary to prepare the nails and cover with an equalizing base. Take special strips and paste on the nail. Apply white opaque enamel on the tips, act neatly. Then dry the coating and make up the nail light translucent varnish - soft white, pale pink or cream. The varnish should be distributed evenly without streaks and streaks.

To give the manicure a festive look and finish, you need to decorate your nails with sequins. Apply them between the main surface of the nail and the white tip. Apply neatly with a thin brush. With a dress of cool shades, a silver glitter will look good, and a golden glitter can come up to a cloth dress in warm colors.

We hope that these tips will help you make a beautiful wedding manicure.