What kind of dog is the smartest

You decided to have a dog at home, but do not know which breed to give your preference. After all, each owner, first of all, wants to keep not only a handsome, faithful, but intelligent dog. In order to help you make the right choice, we decided to find out which breed of dogs is the smartest and best suits you. Our list includes the most famous breeds of dogs, which, according to famous dog breeders, are considered to be among the smartest in the world.

Such an animal, like a dog, has long been considered one of the most intelligent and devoted pets, living with a man. Dogs always guarded the dwelling of people, played with the kids and were just loyal to their master in every sense of the word. Of course, every dog ​​is intelligent in its own way, especially for its owner. But, after carrying out certain studies in this field, the cynologists singled out several breeds of dogs that differ markedly by their animal intelligence from the rest of the family. These dogs were included in the group under the name: "The cleverest breed of dogs". So which breed of dogs is the most intelligent and faithful? This is for us to find out today.

Opens our list of dogs, with "unearthly intelligence" such a breed of a four-human friend of man, like an Australian shepherd dog. This breed was bred in Australia. This dog was designed to protect the huge flocks of sheep and cattle. These dogs perfectly understand their master and perform all the commands assigned to them, and they very easily yield to professional training. Than you do not have an excellent choice of pet, which every morning will bring slippers to the bed and the newspaper for breakfast. The main thing is good training and care from the owner.

The second in our list "The smartest dog" is housed "imperious and graceful" rotwell. This breed of dogs appeared independently without human intervention, or rather, using a similar nature. The first representatives of these dogs were very large individuals, who entered into fashion to completely cut off their tails. Such dogs were used for hunting large animals. Also, with the help of the rotvelers, large domestic animals were killed. And it's no accident, in the people such a dog was called a "killer dog." Due to its musculature and powerful jaw, the dog is able to overwhelm the animal much more in size (bull or cow). This dog breed is a very good protector of the house and the master himself. So, if you want to save your home from uninvited guests, do not even hesitate to get a rotveler.

Another clever dog is certainly a breed called the German Shepherd. And with this, no one will argue. Among the dog handlers, it is the sheep dogs who are the first in all criteria for assessing dogs and their breeds. It is this breed used to identify drugs, the disclosure of murders, search and even rescue people. Sheepdog has excellent abilities. It combines such qualities as beauty, ability to protect, kindness and a brilliant mind. You just remember, in how many popular films the dogs of this breed were the main stars. Getting a sheepdog, it's not a fact that you will eventually become the master of a movie star.

Such a clever and popular breed in the whole world, like a labrador retriever, also did not become an exception to our list. This breed was bred by a man to protect himself and his house. In our time, Labrador Retrievers are often used for official purposes, for example, thanks to their subtle scent, the dog can very easily reveal even a very small dose of the drug. Also these dogs are used as rescuers, when searching for missing or fallen people. With such a dog you, of course, will be all atone.

The breed of dogs, looking like a collie, also has excellent mental performance. She's called Sheltie. With a collie, these dogs, apart from their appearance, have nothing in common. This breed is an excellent assistant to a shepherd when grazing livestock. Therefore, shelties are still used for this purpose. But, despite this, this breed is very easy to keep in the apartment. Nature has awarded the dog with an excellent hearing and smell, which very well helps the dog to navigate in emergency situations. With such a dog your house will surely become your fortress. And you can leave your home with a calm soul to a new four-headed friend.

Another breed is intelligent and faithful - this is the Doberman Pinscher. If before these dogs were considered stupid, now this myth is completely dispelled. The whole point is that the Doberman Pinscher needs a special and complex upbringing, thanks to which the dog will get a well-controlled and intelligent dog. If you do not apply any educational measures to this breed - this is fraught with the fact that you will grow a naughty and very harmful dog. This breed of dogs is characterized by good endurance and activity. Therefore, taking her for a morning run is a pleasure. So, having brought such a dog, you will find in his face not only an excellent defender, but also a great friend in sports.

And our list of dogs "with mega intelligence" completes our breed, like a border collie. According to experts, this dog is one of the smartest and even boldly compared with the German shepherd (of course, not by external data). Representatives of this breed are always active, playful and very fond of obeying their master's orders. Sometimes it even seems that the Border Collies derive great pleasure from this, because they always try to please their owner. Especially these dogs are liked by children who are able to play with them for whole days. What can I say, if you really want to get not just a dog, but a real four-fingered friend who will be your "right hand", be sure to pay attention to the Border Collie breed and you will not regret it.