What should I do to make a man afraid of losing a woman

Harmony in relationships is when the balance of love for a man and for oneself is met, there is a place for mutual trust, unconditional fidelity and at the same time fears of losing love. Fear of loss in relationships is one of the most unpleasant feelings, but it, however acutely it sounds, is the engine of the progress of love, development of strong feelings and careful relationship to each other. The understanding of this revived not one family, love in which devalued life, habit and delusion that "is nowhere to go." Often this is the sin of men who have achieved their own in a relationship - intimacy, cohabitation or stamp in the passport. But is it possible to withdraw responsibility, reacting to the well-laden female scenario - "all men are theirs ...", the years spent together inevitably destroy high feelings, etc.? No! Do not you dare! Keep always the man in a tone, periodically forcing him to feel the fear of losing you!

  1. The mystery, covered with intrigue. Never, never become for a man an open book with a predictable story! This is the first thing that kills romance and novelty in a relationship. He fell in love, when, opening every new page in you, he found there a riddle and an understatement. He wanted to conquer, achieve, explore and marvel. Intrigue and destroy the routine in a relationship, acting contrary to the expectations you have. Match your "cute strangenesses" with your characteristics, to which the man is accustomed, as to an indisputable truth. This can be a situation, starting with a sudden and unreasonable change in the image in clothes or hair, to a radical decision to live separately for a while. The degree of mystery and mystery you determine. But, most importantly, do not over-restrain the intrigue so that the man has a fear of losing you, and not the desire to escape from this strange woman.

  1. Beauty will save love. Many women, strengthening their relationship with a man, also cease to closely monitor their appearance, as they did in the candy-bouquet period. Do not simplify! Never for anything! Let in any circumstances of life for you will be an indisputable norm to remain well-groomed and beautiful. Always keep in shape! But try to go in for sports or carry out cosmetic procedures not in the field of view of your man. Send it to friends, to my mother, to fishing, and you yourself bring beauty. Let for him, for ever, the process of turning a woman into a queen, the beauty of which he will be proud of and brag to his friends, remains a mystery. To not speak there, above all, men like eyes, and only then with all the other senses. Of course, being a beautiful body is not yet a guarantee that a man will remain with you forever. Beauty loving men love and appreciate no less. Be harmonious in your beauty, so that your loved one is afraid to lose such perfection.

  1. A friend is a masculine concept. Do not seek to become a man a friend! Support, support, hope - yes, but never a friend! Friendship with a man kills a woman in a woman. A friend can borrow money, drink beer at his expense, pour out his soul, do not hesitate to use his obscene eloquence, you can not shave, do not be gallant, strong and restrained. Do you need such a man? No! Does he need a female friend? Most likely, neither. He will find with whom to make friends, and where to realize this important function. You will be his friend, he will go look for a woman. But you do not achieve this. And reorient the intention. Your task is to make him feel the fear of loss and the desire to become for you such a man, near whom you will feel loved, fragile, tender, passionate and desirable woman. Hence, always and under any circumstances remain a woman and take their legal right not to be a man to another.

  1. The hero of your novel. Let your man always next to you feel like a hero, a superman and a Man with a capital letter. Men are so arranged that they can not without feats. They have to fight in their blood - for the best piece of "mammoth", for the best territory, for the best woman. Let him be a warrior-winner. And even if it is a "battle" with a flowing crane, with heavy bags or with cutting teeth and night temperature of your baby, do not take it for granted or his duty. Do not get tired of thanking, praising, making compliments to his skills, talents and abilities, even if they are not too outstanding. It is very stimulating to the deeds and the desire to make them again and again. If a man sees the recognition of his strength, courage, courage, resourcefulness, he will become afraid to lose a woman in whose eyes he is a hero and a winner.
  2. Comfortable dependency. Any relationship is based on love or affection. Attachment engenders dependence, and not only material, which women most often need. Men are also very dependent on women and the home coziness they create, tasty food, caring, affection and other "anchors", which are very tightly attached and tied. Try under the "plausible" pretext a couple of times to leave your man without the usual breakfast, or "forget" to stroke the shirt (again, under the guise of an important reason). A man, as they say, must feel the difference, deprived of the usual care or pleasure. Or, on the contrary, pamper it, periodically indulging capricious desires. But do not do it too often, otherwise such pleasures will become routine. Create the right individual dependence, from which the man can not refuse.

  1. The demand is female power. Do not get hung up on a man, do not make him the meaning of your life. Yes, at first such behavior worries male pride, touches, raises self-esteem, but then becomes boring, a habit that it will always be so. After all, a man does not have to do anything, do not worry and lose. It's your meaning, then you must be afraid of losing it. And you are afraid, mistakenly believing that you need to become even more comfortable. Forget it! In your life, only one meaning is you! Take care of yourself, be in demand, develop and improve! But not for a man, but for yourself! Then the man can not deny himself the weakness of having a number of self-sufficient, knowledgeable value woman. Surround yourself with moderate male attention, make your man at least occasionally jealous, worry that you can stop loving him. And then the fear of losing you is guaranteed!