Why Diane's wedding dress became a sign of her tragic fate

Today is exactly twenty years since the tragic death in a car accident of Princess Diana. Much water has flowed since then, but people have not forgotten about Lady Dee, who was called the "people's princess" and "queen of human hearts". In her life there were many mysteries and fatal accidents, which are yet to be solved by future generations.

The wedding dress of Diana became a historical relic

The wedding of Diane Spencer and Crown Prince Charles became the most notorious event of 1981. The broadcast of this celebration was watched by 750 million viewers around the world, which for that time was an absolute record. Even the wedding dress of a princess worth £ 6,000 went down in history and became a valuable relic of the English royal court.

The creation of the dress from the very beginning was shrouded in a veil of mystery. Many of the princess's entourage were surprised when she entrusted the wedding dress to young little-known British designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. It was explained by the fact that the London couple was well acquainted with the taste of the future princess and before the wedding was engaged in her wardrobe. Diana was so afraid of leakage of information about her dress, that the fashion designers were forced each time to break sketches after discussing them with the customer. As a result, the dress turned out to be really unique: it was decorated with an old lace that belonged to Queen Elizabeth's grandmother, and more than 10,000 pearls were hand-embroidered. The length of the train was 25 feet (8 meters), which is 5 feet longer than ever in history.

Mystical signs of fate at the wedding of Princess Diana

The only thing that for some reason designers did not take into account - the ivory taffeta dress was very much crumpled, and while Diana settled in the carriage and drove to Westminster Abbey, she turned into a chewed rag. Desperate attempts of bridesmaids to put it in order were not crowned with success, deep creases could be smoothed out only with iron. In a voluminous outfit, it was very uncomfortable to move, and all the movements of Diana looked unnatural and constrained, like a mechanical doll. Therefore, the newlywed was dejectedly sad and saddened, a heavy diamond tiara caused an intolerable headache, and many present saw this as a bad sign. In addition, the newlyweds several times hesitated when uttering an oath, and Diana mistook the name of her future husband.