Why do I have long eyelashes?

Unambiguous interpretation, why long eyelashes are dreamed of, no. According to the Western dream books , natural thick and long eyelashes are dreamed of happy mutual love, to harmonious intimacy, to romantic secret dates.

According to the Eastern Dreams , long eyelashes are dreamed of comprehending the internal state (yin) through external manifestations (yang). Unlike European, the eastern interpretations are deeper and more profound. They depend on the medical and psychological aspects, he feels the person during sleep.

Lush long eyelashes in the representation of the Chinese and Japanese give the look depth and sadness. Therefore, in a dream, they signal about growing problems. In the medical aspect - this is the deterioration of the lungs, breathing disorders, tuberculosis, etc. In the psychological aspect, it indicates a lack of vital energy, overloads due to excessive activity. A person who has long eyelashes, needs sympathy, love, tranquility.