Why dream of a guy who really likes?

Many dreams that we see at night, are deciphered in a special way and even have a secret meaning. But why do we dream, why? They tell us something that we can not see for ourselves because of some special reasons. Dreams are not just a night movie, it's a special secret language, through which we can communicate with our subconscious.

So what kind of information does the dream want to convey to us, when we dream of our beloved people? Why do we always dream about a guy who we really like?

Do you like a guy or a familiar man for a long time, to whom you can not approach and talk about your feelings? But you do not know what his reaction will be? Perhaps you will begin to meet and eventually live happily ever after, and maybe, on the contrary, he will simply laugh at you and nothing will come of it. You must know for sure whether your feelings are mutual or not.

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If you dreamed that the same desired man or guy gives you a big and beautiful bouquet of white roses, then in real life you will meet with him and this meeting will resemble a meeting with all shades of romanticism, care and warmth. Even if you do not like flowers given to them, you still will not be able to influence the meaning of sleep.

Why dream if the guy you like takes your hand or just touches you? I must say that it's not just a dream, maybe you'll be a couple, and you'll be in the status of his beloved girl. But do not rush things - just wait until your time comes, keep up with the events that are happening now.

If you dream that the coveted guy openly and sincerely smiles at you, then in real life he wants to fill you with compliments and say many beautiful and affectionate words. Most likely, he is very shy, this is his and holding back, but you just have to endure. Time will pass and he can become braver, then everything will happen.

If you dream that you are arguing with him, then in real life you need to treat him with special care, so as not to cause any conflict situations and grinding on both sides. If you communicate with him, then in any tense situation try to laugh or solve everything with a compromise. If there is a controversial situation, then apply the most important weapon - a smile.

If you dream an object of adoration, but in a dream it does not recognize you, then it will be better if in real life you do not meet, just forget it. Most likely, he already has a girlfriend, so do not harbor hopes. You will never go hand in hand with him, and it is worth to reconcile with it. Do not be killed about this, you are not alone, many girls suffer from unrequited love. Learn to let go of people and part with good thoughts and memories. Thus, you can leave only good and positive memories about it, no one knows, but suddenly these emotions will be able to reduce you again ... Now you must learn to live without it.

If a guy in a dream invites you to walk or go with him to a movie, a cafe or somewhere else, then in reality he likes you just like he does to you. Therefore, you are not the only one who wants to know the truth.

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If you hear in your sleep how he calls you by name, then you can not even worry about the fact that he likes you. In this case, you can guarantee that he may not be constantly, but often enough he remembers you. Most likely, he is fascinated by you. However, do not break the stick. Even if you managed to find out that he likes you, be reserved, as natural as ever, this will allow him to decide and understand how quickly one must confess his feelings.

If in your dream you make an appointment, you come to the place of destination, but it does not, so there is such a problem, which is called a womanizer. At your elect some girls and it for any reasons can not be defined. Therefore, your task is to show yourself from the best side, try not to be jealous and not rush to extremes, remember that you are nobody to him, you still do not have any relationship.

If you are dreaming that the subject of sighing is rude to you and is rude and behaving in an inappropriate way, then it means you are not a couple. You just do not fit together. Do not torture yourself or your feelings. Forget it, and the faster, the better. Destiny has prepared for you something better than him.

If in your dream a guy who you like tells you something, but does not look into your eyes, then he's lying to you, think about whether he should be trusted. Of course, only you should choose, but remember that soon you will begin to shed tears, if you reveal some not very pleasant secret for you. Forget it as a terrible dream and go your way. Even if it's very hard to part with these thoughts, you do not need to limp. Remember that the deceiver will of course be deceived himself.

The guy himself confesses to you in his feelings? Then he expects that you yourself admit to him in their sympathies in real life. If you want, you can develop a thorough plan and act. Why not? You will not lose the crown. Perhaps your suffering will stop and it will bring you closer.

However, remember one thing - everyone can make mistakes, so do not trust your dreams 100%. As a rule, we want something very much and in the end we think that it is so. Maybe in your subconscious mind, dreams are not about what is really there, but only your desires and dreams. Very often we dream about what we want to see. Therefore, be sure to draw parallels with what you see in dreams and with what you want to see in them. For example, if in a dream you dream a young man who you really like, openly you smile and give flowers, but in real life you do not notice or communicates with you like garbage, then where you can consider feelings? Nowhere! Because they are not, and you dreamed only of what you dream. Such relationships do not have a future.

You do not need to go to extremes and get upset if in fact everything is not going as smoothly as you want. Have patience and wait. Everything has its time. And anyway, where do you hurry? Have fun, learn or build a career. The only thing you need is to be attentive and watchful, maybe the man of your life has been around for a long time, look around, maybe you just do not notice him.