Why the fortune teller with cards

Dreams are a special world in which we see things that we can not understand or know in reality. When we dream of certain things, they often point to some problems, their solutions, predict fate and much more. Symbols in dreams need to be able to correctly guess. That's why many people turn to dream books.

For example, if you ask yourself what a fortuneteller with maps is dreaming about, you can get a lot of different answers. So, below we list the main interpretations of the dream, in which a fortune-teller with cards dreamed.

Interpretations of meaning "fortune-teller with cards"

If you dreamed of a fortune teller with cards or other items for fortune telling and you started a conversation with her, then you have some problems concerning the relationship with your loved one. In this case, only a lucky combination of circumstances can help you not to lose the relationship.

It is worth noting that the interpretation of the dream, in which there is a fortune-teller with cards, is quite different, depending on whether the dream is dreaming of a man or a woman. For example, if a fortune teller dreams of a girl, then someone around her gossips.

If you dreamed not a fortune-teller with cards, but the one that wonders on the hand, then the girl has many friends of men, but with a female friendship she is not lucky. By the way, if you dream about your hand in a dream, it means that people who are close appreciate your intelligence and ingenuity.

Also, a fortune teller with cards can portend that someone is plotting against a person.

Some people dream that a fortune teller predicts something bad and they get scared in a dream. It is not necessary to transfer this fear to real life, because if you were afraid in a dream, then in reality you can quickly and easily overcome all obstacles and solve problems.

Mythological interpretations

There are also mythological interpretations of dreams with a fortune-teller. For example, according to the mythological dream book, such dreams indicate that the person himself is very fond of esotericism. Also, this sign can mean completely different things, both positive and negative: deceptions, doubts, disagreement with oneself, unexpected messages, good events and various parting words.

Another fortune-teller can dream and to the fact that you are waiting for luck, which will completely change the destiny.

In addition, a fortune teller with cards, which predicts your destiny, can mean that you will soon have a romantic meeting.

The fortune-teller dreams of various doubts and torments, which are often completely without soil.

By the way, if you are dreaming of a fortune teller, pay attention to how she guesses and what falls out. The matter is that it can turn out to be additional symbols that will explain which ones will come, where to wait for gossip, and also help you decide how to deal with your state of mind and find answers to your questions.

Erotic interpretations

And the last thing to remember is the interpretation of dreams with a fortune teller in accordance with erotic dream books.

A fortune teller can mean that a person likes various sexual pleasures that are considered forbidden. In addition, a fortune teller with cards dreams of girls who have two fans and they will soon have to make a choice. Also, a dream can tell what kind of situation will help you not make a mistake and stay with that person who really becomes a companion of life.

If the dream about the fortune-teller dreamed not to the girl, but to the guy, then the erotic dream interprets such a sign as increased attention of the female. Soon the young man will have a lot of fans, thanks to which he will be able to greatly enhance self-esteem and improve the attitude towards himself.