Writer Akunin Boris

Boris Akunin is a very interesting person. Someone may say that the writer Akunin suffers from a split personality, and in part will be right. After all, the writer Boris, absolutely not Boris. He seems to be like Gregory. The writer Akunin Boris is a person unreal. But we all know the writer Akunin Boris. It was Akunin who gave us such an interesting and unforgettable character as Erast Petrovich Fandorin. It is his "Death to brotherhood" that we look forward to, reading out each line. But, if Boris is a fictional character, then what do we read? Who is the writer who gives us these characters?

In fact, Boris exists. Akunin is really a very real character. Simply this writer is the second "I" of Grigory Chkhartishvili. This is his own game, which began more than ten years ago. It was then that Boris Akunin appeared. When Gregory was younger, he loved gambling, especially cards. Maybe that is why Fandorin always wins in all gambling, who knows. But, now the conversation is not about Fandorin, but about Mr. Akunin, or rather, Chkhartishvili. So, how did such a talented Akunin appear in the world? At that time, Mr. Chkhartishvili wrote a very heavy book called "Writer and suicide". This book introduced him into depression, and in order to somehow relax, a serious writer began to create detective novels. He wanted to write real fiction, which, in his opinion, clearly lacked Russian literature. That's when Akunin appeared. He liked to revise special literature, read certain books, letters and notes in old newspapers. At first no one knew who this writer was. Of course, people began to invent for themselves the most incredible things, some even said that these detectives wrote Zhirinovsky. And Akunin and Chkhartishvili only watched all this, and then, in the end, confessed to who they really are.

When I ask Grigory why this mystification was started with Akunin, he says that, in fact, he did not want to do this. It's just that what he writes and what Akunin writes is significantly different. Mr. Chkhartishvili creates his essays and stories for a long time, but Akunin, whose brain works much faster, can write detective stories for a couple of months. In addition, Mr. Chkhartishvili is by no means such an idylist as Akunin. He says that Boris is much kinder and really believes in God. Probably, this gives him the power to create characters, which sooner or later, but still defeat evil. And Mr. Akunin was very fortunate with the name, because it is almost impossible to pervert, unlike the hard-hitting Chkhartishvili.

Akunin loves the East very much, so his name should be read in Japanese. Many people think that this means "bad person". But this is not a full explanation of the word. In the book "The Diamond Chariot", which tells about the years of the young Fandorin in Japan, the correct explanation of the word "Akunin" is given. It also explains that Akunin can not be called simply an evil person. It's not like that at all. This person simply lives by the rules that he himself has established and who are not going to change. Often, however, such rules do not correspond to the basic laws, but Akunin does not care. He is ready to die, if only he does not give up on what he thinks is right. Therefore, it, certainly, it is possible to hate, but it is impossible not to respect.

Now that the fans have read this story of Fandorin, they were able to understand what, really, means the name of their favorite author. Therefore, they can be calm for him and not consider him a mean and cowardly person. Rather, he simply knows his truth and always fights for it. Although, perhaps this concept of truth does not always coincide with the generally accepted and accepted in our society. But, nevertheless, everyone can be convinced that Boris Akunin is a talented writer and a person worthy of respect. Maybe he appeared, as if from the beginning of the twentieth century, but, nevertheless, very easily and quickly took root in the modern world and constantly pleases us with beautiful detectives about the time when there was still a concept of real honor and dignity.

But, nevertheless, we should not forget about Mr. Chkhartishvili. After all, if there was not, then, with Boris Akunin, we, most likely, would not have the honor to meet. So, let's talk a little about Grigory Chkhartishvili. He was born in Georgia on May 20, 1956. When little Grisha was two years old, his parents moved to live in Moscow. The love of oriental culture was instilled in Gregory Kabuki Theater. It was thanks to him that Chkhartishvili entered the Moscow State University's Department of History and Philology at the Institute of Asian and African Studies. That's how Gregory became a Japanese scholar, which is very grateful to Mr. Akunin and all his admirers. At one time Mr. Chkhartishvili was deputy editor-in-chief in the journal Foreign Literature, for more than ten years he has been engaged only in writing and, at the same time, does not consider himself a writer at all. Mr. Chkhartishvili gives all the laurels to Mr. Akunin. Although, he still considers himself a novelist and is not averse to accepting praise in this area. But, still Mr. Chkhartishvili is more engaged in writing articles and editing such serious works as, for example, "The Anthology of Japanese Culture". He also writes critical articles, translates Japanese, American and English literature and compiles collections of the best works of Western writers.

Of course, they know and respect him in certain circles. But, nevertheless, he is popular quite differently than Boris Akunin. Here he was nominated for the writer of the year, and for other awards. Some he received, some not, but, in any case, not particularly because of this upset. In the end, the recognition of people is not in any statuettes, but how much they love and are waiting for the continuation of his stories. And if you look at the situation from this side, you can be completely sure that Mr. Akunin is a millionaire creator, whose books are always awaited with great impatience.