2 detective puzzles that would make Sherlock Holmes think! Will you solve the crimes?

  1. Mrs. Denbrou came to the police with the news - she was stolen by a platinum necklace with emeralds, insured for a decent amount. The detectives immediately left for the crime scene. In the house they discovered chaos: a lot of dirty prints of shoes and inverted furniture. The doors were locked and the locks were not damaged. But the only window in the room where the casket with the necklace was located was broken. After inspecting the house, the police immediately arrested Mrs. Denbrou. Look at the picture and answer - why?

  1. Mr. Grace lived in a house on the outskirts and never left him. Food and household trifles were brought to him by delivery services, and the newspaper was delivered daily by the postman Smith. On a summer morning, Friday, Smith, as usual, brought a newspaper - but no one opened it. Looking through the window, the postman saw Mr. Grace lying on the couch with a knife in his chest. Smith immediately called the police. Arriving, the detective found in the house 3 bottles of milk - 2 warm and one ice, as well as a Tuesday newspaper. After the inspection, the policeman immediately arrested the postman. How did the detective know who the killer was?

Check if your guesses are correct? The answers are waiting for you below.

  1. It's simple: despite the chaos, there are no glass fragments in the room, although there is a hole in the window. The window was smashed from the inside, and the locks were intact - this could only be done by the owner of the house.
  2. The detective was told by the newspaper. In the house there was only one newspaper - for Tuesday, while they should have been 3. The postman knew that there would be nobody to read them - he was guilty of murder.