A gift for the New Year 2017 with his hands to mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend. Ideas of original and creative gifts for the New Year of the Rooster with photos and videos

In the fairy-tale New Year period we become kinder and gentler, in our hearts faith awakens in miracles, in the eyes of the lights of hope for a cloudless future year. And even if we have long ceased to believe in Santa Claus, but still strive to become wizards for those who did not have time to disbelieve in the existence of a nice old man with a white beard. However, podnakopiv little money, we hurry to the souvenir shops for all sorts of trifles. And it would be better to have enough time, materials, original and creative ideas - and made a gift for the New Year with their own hands. He will be the best manifestation of love and care for the closest people: mom, dad, children, boyfriend or girlfriend. In addition, to make an unusual thematic gift with your own hands for the New Year in 2017 for high-quality master classes with photos and videos is not at all difficult.

Symbolic gift for the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker

Decorative keychain "Merry Rooster" - one of the best symbolic gifts for the New Year 2017. As a base, you can use any shop cut from a tree, and for a stylish decoration - paint, glitter, twine, etc. Surprise the native person with such an unusual present, created by own hands. The trinkets from the market showcases never come up with a piece of the soul you gave.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Prepare all the necessary tools and materials to create a symbolic keychain Cockerel for the New Year with your own hands. Remove excess from the work surface.

  2. Put the wooden billet of birds on paper substrates. Draw on the front side of the image - wings, eyes, beak, paws, additional elements. Cover the entire surface of the figures with acrylic primer.

  3. Brightly paint the body of the body of the bird. One - red, the second - green.

  4. Using other colors of acrylic paints, palette and brushes of different thickness, paint the rest of the details of the future gift.

  5. Detail images by adding bright feathers, round eyes, beak, etc. Choose bright colors to make New Year's birds colorful.

  6. Separate elements - eyes, beak, feathers and wings - add a black outline. So the gift will become even more expressive and vivid.

  7. The reverse side of the workpiece is colored green or orange. The same as the ear for the thread.

  8. After all the paint has completely dried, paint the birds' glasses, wings, paws and feathers with glue with sparkles. In the same way, treat all the wrong side.

  9. Cover the key fobs with lacquer, after drying, thread the twine into the eyelet. The gift for the New Year of 2017 created by the hands of the Rooster can also be used as a Christmas tree and small decoration for decorating a house.

Original gift for your mom and dad for the New Year 2017

Of the most seemingly useless things you can create your own original presents for the New Year 2017 to mom and dad. For example, a metal circle from an old lampshade will serve as an excellent base for a New Year's wreath, and a bright twig, dried flowers and cones - its stylish filling. Spend some more time, and the simplest wreath of laurel branches will turn into a perfect work of art and a bright addition to the New Year's decorations.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Place all the tools and materials on the work surface. From leaves, twigs, dried flowers and berries, fold small bouquets with your own hands. Proportions choose independently, to your taste.

  2. Using a thin green wire, wind the first bouquet to the metal frame of the future gift. Make sure that all the branches are tightly fixed.

  3. To finish the whole circle will need at least 15 small bouquets. Smotayte them immediately, so that after doing just fixing. On a circle, tame the plants in such a way that behind the leafy part of one beam lies the place of fixation of the previous one.

  4. To gently close the circle, hide the tie of the last bunch of flowers under the foliage of the very first. Tightly reel the bundle. Check if all the dried flowers and twigs stay in place.

  5. At the last stage of creating a symbolic gift, put a thick satin ribbon into the wreath. Tie a curvy bow, forming a large loop in the upper part.

  6. Depending on the materials selected for the original New Year's gift wreath for mom and dad, the finished product may look brighter or less flashy. This factor should be taken into account, so that the resulting element of festive decor fits perfectly into the interior of the parent house.

Creative gift to the guy or girlfriend for the New Year 2017

Do you plan to put a bottle of sparkling champagne under the Christmas tree for close people? Bright decor and smart finishing will turn it into a creative gift by hands to a guy or girlfriend for the New Year 2017. A delicious traditional drink will allow everyone to relax in a festive atmosphere, and a delicious souvenir bottle will be a long reminder to the recipient of a warm friendly company.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. For a New Year's gift, it's best to use a corked bottle of champagne. But before you start decorating yourself, you must carefully prepare the container. Remove the paper label, remove all residues and thoroughly degrease the glass. Try not to talk too much.

  2. Apply a flat brush to the acrylic primer and proceed to surface treatment. Prime all the loose part intended for decoration. Allow the container to dry for 15-20 minutes. Then apply a second coat of primer. To reduce the drying time, use a dryer with a weak flow of cold air.

  3. Choose a napkin that matches the theme of the holiday. Carefully cut out the plot you liked or tear off the image, receding a couple of millimeters from the outline of the picture.

  4. After the bottle dries completely, proceed to painting. Foam Sponge dipped in a light paint and with stamped forward movements apply a lot of weight to the product. Thus, it will be possible to leave a homogeneous, neat texture on the bottle.

  5. Before gluing the napkin on a future gift, wait 10-15 minutes for the paint to dry completely. Then attach the plot to the glass and, moving from the center to the edges, glue the napkin with a solution of glue and water (1: 1). If bubbles form on the surface, gently prick them with a thin needle.

  6. If the painted surface is rough, sand it with fine sandpaper or varnish. Then apply the first step of the crucular complex.

  7. After 30-40 minutes, apply a second step using a wide brush or your own palm. Using a hair dryer dry the coating until the appearance of thin transparent cracks on the surface of the gift.

  8. To brighten the cracks, cover the bottle with oil paint of contrasting color. Excess pigment wipe with a soft cloth or paper napkin, and the paint in the cracks will remain untouched.

A gift for a child with their own hands made of paper for the New Year 2017

Kids are still wizards. They skillfully reincarnate in their favorite characters and goodies. But it is much easier to make wonderful metamorphoses, having in the arsenal the desired outfit or bright mask. Make your child the best gift with your own hands from paper for the New Year 2017, make a mask of the proud patron - Firecracker. Let your little artist feel himself the main thing on a family holiday in the full swirl of magical events.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Cut out the first workpiece. Circle its outline on a black cardboard and cut another similar workpiece.

  2. Make a holder for the New Year's gift. To the edge of one half, glue the wooden skewer with PVA glue. Wait until the part has completely dried out. Glue the two halves of the mask together so that the skewer is locked inside.

  3. Using a carbon paper, transfer to the gray or brown toned paper two side details of the muzzle of the Rooster. Cut out the elements with sharp scissors and glue on the mask.

  4. On red paper draw "earrings" and "scallop". Gently cut them and paste them in the right place on a future gift.

  5. Similarly, using a carbon paper, translate and cut out the yellow background. Attach it to the mask on top of the rest of the parts.

  6. Add the cockerel pink eyebrows and white areas around the eyes. Do not forget about the brown "back of your nose."

  7. On the white background around the eyes, attach a few pre-cut figurines. So the gift will become even more vivid and expressive.

  8. At the last stage, cut a black outline for bird eyes and glue them, pressing firmly against the paper.

  9. Leave the product in a dry, warm place for 4-5 hours. A ready-made Rooster mask is the best gift from paper for the child for the New Year 2017.

Traditional gift for the New Year of 2017 with your own hands

In a distant childhood, we enthusiastically cut out funny cards for the New Year with our own hands as a gift to the very native people. Such sincere souvenirs, supplemented with pleasant congratulations and wishes, touch to the depths of the soul. So why not return the old traditions to the present. Choose a beautiful base for the postcard, decorate the craft with patterns from everything that comes to hand, add a couple of decorative elements (ribbons, beads, rhinestones and sequins). Your recipient will certainly appreciate the sweetest traditional gift for the New Year of 2017 with your own hands.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Thick cardboard beige or cream color fold in half. The basis for the gift with your own hands is ready.

  2. Make a red backing for the front side. On a sheet of cardboard, draw a rectangle (2 cm below the beige billet) with a rounded protrusion to the left side.

  3. Glue the backing to the front of the postcard, sliding it 1-2 cm to the left. At the top, gently glue a rectangular element of the printed paper. More detailed look at a photo.

  4. On the upper and lower border of the last element, fix the lace ribbons. Use a glue gun for this.

  5. From the chosen New Year's napkin cut out the pattern you liked (Santa Claus, gift, snowflake, etc.).

  6. On the round ledge of the postcard, make the same round contour with a lace ribbon. The space inside is covered with sacking. Attach the element cut from the napkin from above. For this, it is better to use the glue "Moment".

  7. At the next stage, glue the suspension on the gift in random places. Make sure that the composition is harmonious and complete.

  8. In a small cutting of a Christmas tree toy, thread a piece of string and tie a loop.

  9. Attach the toy suspension to the postcard. Let the artwork dry completely. Present a bright holiday card to an expensive person as a traditional gift for the New Year 2017.

Unusual gift for the New Year 2017 with your own hands

The most interesting crafts are made from fabric and thread. With the help of suitable material and ready-made patterns from the Internet, you can make wonderful beauty with your own hands without much difficulty. Decorative cones, Christmas trees, Petushki, snowmen will perfectly fit into any festive interior. But the most unusual gift for the New Year 2017 will be a winter angel sewn by his own hands. He not only decorates the house or the tree, but also serves as a personal amulet for the recipient.

Necessary materials

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Make cardboard templates of the body and arms of the angel, as in the photo. Fold the beige fabric in 2 layers. Attach the blanks and circle them.

  2. Stretch the body and the two handles without sewing on 1 cm. In the details there must remain an opening for eversion and filling.

  3. Back off 5 mm from the seam, cut out all the blanks. Turn out the parts of the body of the future gift.

  4. Fill all the details with a synthetone, holofayber or other soft material. Sew holes with a hidden seam.

  5. Make a dress for an angel. Cut a piece of white cloth of the necessary length around the body, sew the ends. Top the edge and sweep.

  6. On both sides of the calf, sew ready-made handles directly on the dress, using small buttons.

  7. Use a light yarn to make the angel hair. Use imagination to form a neat hairstyle.

  8. Grind a red pencil lead for blush. Apply the powder on the cheeks with a cotton swab or with your hands. Black paint put two dots - eyes.

  9. From two layers of white felt cut out the wings for the angel. Stitch and unscrew the part, sew to the back using the third button.

  10. Wrap a small New Year's angel in a bright package. Such an unusual article will not only be the most spiritual gift, but also a stylish decoration for the Christmas tree with your own hands.

Origami of paper as a gift for yourself in the New Year 2017: video

Recently, handicrafts origami from paper, as a gift for their own hands on the New Year, began to gain unprecedented popularity. Especially if in such a complex technique a symbol of the coming year is created - the Fire Rooster. A delightful paper statuette will guard the house all year round, attract happiness and prosperity, drive away envious persons and other evil spirits from the family of parents, children, friends, boyfriend or colleague. How to make original and creative origami from paper as a gift for the New Year with your hands, look in our master class with photos and videos: