A selection of sad musical compositions under a sad mood

Every girl or woman has moments when there is absolutely no mood. The reasons are different: quarrel, loneliness, parting, depression, the essence is not in them. The bottom line is that you want to find something suitable for a bad mood, something sad, under which you can cry out and release emotions. This is much better than keeping everything in itself. Of course, you can watch a sad film, then you'll cry, but it's easier to listen to the right music with the same, in general, purpose. This will for a while maintain a dull state, after which you, relieved from the moral burden, as if giving it to the music, will be able to regain oneself in a rut.

A dozen suitable musical compositions for a sad mood

10. Chris Daughtry - It's Not Over

A man sings about love: it's beautiful. It is not necessary to have the skills of English, it is enough to listen to this song, in order to understand how much she is still sad. There are no quiet and relaxing melodies, which, however, does not prevent the release of steam precisely for this song.

9. Broken Door- Beauty Comes From Within

As in the previous song, there are no relaxing notes here, but the way the singer sings makes you feel it and feel something incredible. This song is really strong, so it fits perfectly under the semi-depressive mood, it can easily help you release your emotions.

8. BridgeTo Grace - Meant To Be (Piano Version)

It is for such songs at concerts that lighters / candles are raised up in the darkroom and begin to sway to the beat of the music, it is under such songs that tears appear in front of particularly impressionable fans. Of course, do not be a fan of Bridge To Grace, to enjoy this song once, because when you want to laugh and dance cheerfully, you do not include this song.

7. Break MyFucking Sky - I Promise You

There are no words; this is the only composition from the entire collection, where only music. But what! The piano and a few percussion instruments are capable of creating miracles, causing you to dive into the labyrinths of your own consciousness, allowing the gravity to break out. Since this is our main goal - the song perfectly suits a sad mood.

6. Laffe - Zusammen

A sad German song about how to divide the two lovers apart, but they do not want to, they want to be together every time, until death, they want to soar under the sky together, taking the hands. Of course, you can listen to it calmly, without knowing the translation, because the necessary emotions are transmitted automatically.

5. Ambermoon- Play the game

The only one of all the songs that came from the game: "TwoWorlds". The high voice of the girl who sings it, reveals something different inside the person, the voice of the singer seems to make her way to the very soul, touching the various strings. It will be especially nice if you close your eyes and imagine yourself hovering over a huge fantasy world, where chic forests, clear blue waters, and then - an unprecedented beauty sunset. This song is ideal for imaginary flights, despite its sad background.

4. Hurts - Illuminated

This song picks up to trembling, and if you know the translation, listening to it becomes even more pleasant, because this song is about the light. As we know, not all songs illuminate the good and glorious, some make you sad, so under the mood to hear it - it's a pleasure.

3. The Fray - Never Say Never

This song is among the three leaders, because it deserves this. Some have heard it in "Transformers", and whoever does not - will listen casually now to understand how this song is beautiful.

2. Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful

Incredibly beautiful and sad song about love. She is the soundtrack to the film "Obsession". Calm, sad and relaxing, she can easily help you to tear, so she gets second place.

1. CountingCrows - Colorblind

This song is the soundtrack to the movie "Cruel Games". The sounds of a piano penetrating male voice can even be moved by skeptical young ladies, so for a sad mood this song fits perfectly, in connection with which it takes an honorable first place.

Of course, not everyone will like all the compositions, since the tastes of all people are completely different, but at least something is exactly right.