Patterns of author's textile dolls

Textile dolls are handmade because of their uniqueness. These are not toys for children, because they are fragile, they are not recommended for washing. Textile products can be decorated with various accessories (buttons, brooches and other). The sewing process is quite fascinating. For beginners it will help to understand all the subtleties of making such toys master class.

Rules for the manufacture of textile dolls for pattern: master class

There are several basic recommendations for sewing textile dolls with their own hands, which are shared by experienced masters:
On a note! A doll made of textile can be sewn in different versions and be of different sizes. Sometimes we use real-life patterns.

Patterns of author's textile dolls

When the experience of manufacturing standard products is acquired, many craftsmen go on to create works of authorship. They change their head, body shape, while searching for new options. On the Internet you can find a lot of patterns from different authors. So, we sew a toy with our own hands. Below is a drawing of a textile hinge pupa. The red dot indicates the place where the cotter pin joins.

Making a product is not particularly difficult if you master certain skills. The main difficulty is the design of the face. Below is a master-class on the manufacture of a hinge doll made of textiles:
  1. First, the pattern is transferred to the fabric.
  2. Prikolov all the details to the fabric, they need to be cut, leaving space for the seams (the exception is the element that connects the face and the back of the head). It is necessary to pay attention that some elements need to be cut several times.
  3. Then, all the elements are sewn together (small areas remain uncrossed so that you can unscrew and stuff the product).
  4. Details are turned out, stuffed with filler and sewed together in a certain sequence.
After registration, such an interesting author's work turns out.

On a note! The face can be made in any convenient way. Some use special acrylic paints for this purpose, others embroider it, form the nose by tightening the thread.
Video: How to make a face of a textile doll.

Patterns of unusual textile dolls: master class with step-by-step photos

On a note! Indefatigable imagination of needlewomen makes it possible to produce various unique products. So there are real masterpieces that have no analogues. Clothes for unusual dolls are chosen at their own discretion and can also be special. On Valentine's Day, you can give your second half to a funny angel. Here is his pattern. If desired, the dimensions of the parts can be increased.

First, all the elements are transferred to the fabric. Usually start with the head.

The details are strained, leaving room to turn them. Then the elements are cut out and twisted. Then they fill with filler. In the heart and wings, you can add a small amount of vanillin.

Superfluous holes are sewn up, the angel boy is decorated with a coffee-cinnamon solution, and then dried in the oven or in another convenient way.

All parts are assembled in a certain sequence. Wings are sewn on the back. The heart is put in the hands and caught in a thread.

Now you need to make an angel's hair and decorate his face. Pencil sketches are made, and then the facial elements are drawn with acrylic paints. The hairstyle is made of yarn and is attached to the head with threads.

The angel is ready. You can admire the result. It turns out such a funny "Cupid", as in the photo.

Patterns of textile French dolls

French products amaze with their sophistication. Often a gentle image is transmitted in them. Here are some examples of such "refined natures."

Clothes are selected in accordance with the image. The French often use embroidery when making similar articles for face design. Patterns are not particularly difficult. Here is an example of an undercut.

The principle of sewing is similar to other products. The French pay much attention to the very image, in particular, clothes, shoes and various accessories.

Patterns of textile German dolls

First, German industry specialized in the production of dolls-ladies. But the greatest popularity was acquired by "babies". German toys are very different from the French, primarily in the way. This applies to both textile and other products made from various materials.

Video: How to quickly sew a toy in a pattern. To date, author's products made by themselves, are represented in a wide variety. There are such options: a textile hinge, a doll on hand, a tilde and others. In each of them is enclosed a part of the soul, so it is valuable. To sew a doll for many needlewomen is not difficult, but, on the contrary, it is even interesting.