A small fashionista: we knit a beautiful summer beret for a girl crocheted

Openwork summer berets are a fashionable solution for children of all ages. This beautiful accessory perfectly protects the child from wind, direct sunlight and coolness of a summer evening.

Very elegantly summer beret looks on little girls-it gives tenderness and stylishness to the image of the baby. Especially if it's an openwork beret, crocheted from a thin thread. Such an almost weightless headdress does not cause any discomfort to the delicate baby skin, but reliably protects the child from overheating and hypothermia. In addition, having decorated beret for a girl with beads, beads or bright ribbons, you can successfully combine it with different clothes and accessories.

  • Yarn: Alize Forever 100% microfiber-acrylic, 50 g / 300 m, Color 01-633070. Yarn consumption: 30 g.
  • Tools: hook 1., white thread, needle
  • Density of knitting: horizontally Pg = 3.9 loops in 1cm
  • Berth size: 50-51
  • Additional decorations: beads

Summer beret for the girl - step by step instruction

A light child's crochet can be knit from several composite elements, connected separately, but it is possible without cutting off the working thread, as in the master class prepared by us.

Choice of materials and schemes

As the main scheme of the summer beret, scheme 1 is used. The presence of a large pattern in combination with air loops will make this beret for the girl light-fitting.

On a note! When choosing a pattern for a summer baby beret, consider the thickness of the yarn you will use. Schemes of lace patterns look good only in combination with thin threads. If you plan to use a thick thread, then give preference to symmetrical patterns.

Main part

  1. We type 4c. and close them in a ring.

  2. Next, we knit according to the scheme 1. The notation used in the scheme:

    . - air loop

    × - column without crochet

    | - one-spool post

    ̑ - connecting loop

    On a note! As a basis for the summer beret crochet can also use the scheme of tablecloths and napkins.
  3. We tie a circle with columns with a crochet. For the required volume, three rows should be tied. We get a circle with a diameter of 24 cm.

  4. The loosening of the middle part of the summer beret involves the reduction of loops. Therefore, every second column with a crochet we combine with the neighboring one to gradually reduce the volume.

    Important! The more sharp the reduction of loops, the more flat it will take.

  5. Next we knit a mesh. For reception of a reticulum dial st. c / n., c. etc., connect the station. with / n. c. of the previous row. We knit a grid with five rows. If necessary, you can increase or decrease the number of rows.

  6. Then we tie the product in columns without a crochet.

Beret decoration

To decorate the summer beret we knit a flower according to the scheme 3.

  1. First row: dial 6c. and close in a ring.
  2. The second row: we dial 3в.п. We knit 18 tbsp. with / n.
  3. In the third row we form petals. We type 7c. etc., we connect them art. b / nv in the third loop of the previous row. So we knit all six petals. We tie the flower petals according to the scheme.
  4. We adorn the flower with beads and sew it to the baby's beret.

  5. Summer beret for the girl, crocheted ready!