Chemical diet - a new approach to harmony

An alarming name for the diet was for the principle of the main action, namely, the normalization of chemical reactions in the body. This is not just food for weight loss, but a kind of prevention and treatment of diabetes. Contrary to the rest, the chemical diet is based not on reducing the daily calorie content, but on consuming the proper amount of all nutrients. The founder of the diet, Doctor of Sciences Usama Hadiy, assures of a 100% weight loss of 30 kg if your initial weight is over 90 kg.

Chemical diet for 4 weeks: menu

We warn you, the diet is very strict! Any breakdown, a deviation on the schedule of food, the replacement of days and products will not lead to any result. Treat the diet as an effective treatment for obesity. You in fact do not break reception of medicines? On a chemical diet, be also vigilant.

Reviews of those who lose weight say that the menu does not bother, and the feeling of hunger recedes in a few days. The last month will hardly recognize the new beautiful body. Dare girls!

Menu of the first week

Breakfast does not spoil the variety: all 7 days we eat 1-2 boiled soft-boiled eggs and half an orange / grapefruit. We drink herbal or green tea.



The chemical diet of Dr. Usama Hadiy: the menu of the second week

Breakfast remains the same: 2 eggs and half an orange, but the days promise to be varied.



Menu of the third week

Finally, we do not have to eat one protein. The third week is completely based on a mono-ration and is similar to the "7 petals" diet. Many people ask if salt can be used on a chemical diet. Yes, nutritionists do not prohibit podsalivat food and add natural seasonings: black pepper, paprika, dried herbs, basil.

The menu of the fourth week on a chemical diet

It's time to show culinary skills and imagination, because this week we make the dishes ourselves, combining the products, whatever. The main rule is not to exceed the daily volume of permitted products.

The rules of the chemical diet: no objection

To ensure that the results of the chemical diet are really impressive, you must adhere to the 10-ki rules. If any item is broken, you will simply waste time and damage the metabolism.

  1. Do not eat potatoes in any form. We prepare vegetables without salt, do not fill with salads.
  2. We drink 2 liters of water per day.
  3. Do not add sugar, cream, milk to tea and coffee. We exclude all fructose.
  4. If you have not seen a strict restriction on the number of servings, eat enough, but in moderation.
  5. When the stomach is awfully asked for food, feed it with carrots and apples. As a rule, there are no attacks of hunger on a chemical diet.
  6. In the fruit days we exclude bananas, figs, grapes, dates.
  7. Every day, weigh in and write down the results of the chemical diet in the morning after the toilet.
  8. If you could not resist and slipped a piece of cake, send with friends for shish kebabs, then the diet is interrupted and begin with zero. Because such antics disrupt the entire exchange process.
  9. Do not perform heavy physical exercises and cardio.
  10. Do not eat more often than every 2 hours. Especially this rule applies to the fourth week of nutrition.