Child and sport: three important rules

Physical activity is a necessary component of the full development of the baby. How and when to accustom to the sport? Pediatricians respond: from early childhood, but - provided that three simple axioms are observed.

Exercises for the child should be simple. It is best to start with the basic motor elements - jumps, squats, active walking and easy running. Each lesson must be accompanied by a pause - it will help the child to regain strength.

The game form of gymnastics is the best way to keep the child's attention and stimulate him to study. Joke competitions, imitation of gait and gestures of animals, situational sketches will form the skill of "positive memorization". The kid will know: sports are not only useful, but still fun and exciting.

The more inventory - the better. A sports home is an excellent choice for caring parents. But, if the space in the house is not so much, you can confine your accessories for charging. A colorful mat, bright balls of different texture and diameter, skipping ropes and children's dumbbells are the necessary little things that will cause interest and joy in the child.