Choosing a Female Cell Phone

Women attach great importance to accessories. Addition of style can be anything, anything - a bag, a brooch and even a phone. Since the market of cell phones filled, female models of phones began to appear. Many manufacturers reasonably appreciated the possibilities of this niche and do not cease to please us with stylish novelties every year. But, choosing a phone, more as an ornament than a useful device, we must not forget that even a female phone is, first of all, a technical device and only then a successful accessory.


Choosing a female phone, first of all it is worth paying attention to its design. Most women make their choice about buying a particular phone, based on exactly how it looks. It is necessary to take into account not only the originality of the apparatus, but also the individual characteristics of women.
For example, a business lady will come up with a modest laconic phone, made in one color, without unnecessary details. A young girl probably will like a bright unusual phone, decorated with a pattern or rhinestones.
For lovers of changing the style of the phone under the mood, there are hundreds of different ways to change the phone without waste: key chains, stickers, pendants, chains and cases will help you change your image as often as you want. So, a strict phone can become a glamorous accessory, and a smart model becomes less noticeable and provocative.

The size

It's no secret that most women prefer to carry the phone in a purse. Therefore, its size should be convenient. Too small a phone will get lost among dozens of other small items that a woman needs. Too much will take up a lot of space. The size of the phone should be such that it is comfortable to hold in your hand and that it is easy to touch even in the largest bag.

A type

Phones are divided by type into "clamshells", sliders, "bricks", etc. These cute nicknames are given to them for their functional characteristics. A female phone should be convenient for its owner. It should be easy to open, have the ability to quickly or voice dial. Women prefer clamshells and sliders. They do not need additional key lock, which is important, since inside the bag the phone can live its life and "call" without your permission. In addition, it is the clamshells and sliders that are presented in different style solutions, they are easy to use even with luxurious manicure and long nails.


A female phone must have all the necessary functions that would satisfy the hostess's need for communication. He must confidently catch the signal at different points of the city and the region, especially if his hostess is active or prefer to rest at the cottage.
In addition, he should allow not only to talk, but also to correspond. Therefore, a convenient keyboard for sending sms messages is necessary.
Women love to enjoy every minute of rest, which makes it necessary to have an mp3 player, video and camera in the phone. Of the additional features, you can highlight the possibility of connecting to the Internet, so that the owner of a stylish phone can communicate with friends and colleagues, regardless of their location.
For many, it will be useful to have a large notebook and a voice recorder.

Choosing a female phone for yourself or as a gift, you should not chase the price. Novelties quickly go out of fashion, after a few months the landlady will want a new toy, which can cost a lot. The main thing is that the phone should be original, conform to the lifestyle and style of the hostess, possessed all possible modern functions, but at the same time was easy to handle. Such a gift will always come in handy and will certainly please any woman.