Classical shoes for a modern business lady

The proverb that "meet on clothes" is known to all and is more urgent than ever. Especially when it comes to business and business ties. The modern business woman wants to look perfect: it is her image and the first impression she will make that her partners, clients and immediate subordinates will judge her personal and business qualities, perceiving her with sympathy or antipathy, respect or distrust.

Its inherent desire for femininity and elegance must be combined with a strict classical style of dress code. And not the last role in creating the image of a business lady is played by shoes. What should it be?

Of course, it's also classical. The business woman should not give the impression of a frivolous person. Therefore, she should abandon sports shoes, sandals, open shoes. In general, in business shoes should not be open either the fingers or the heel. Just need to refrain from bright colors and decorative excesses in the form of rhinestones, bows, applique and embroidery. Lacquered shoes business lady can wear only in the evening. Perhaps, if she was a beginning careerist - a journalist or PR manager, she could step back from the rules of the dress code, putting on sandals to put her underlined charm to her. But for a successful business lady this is unacceptable.

The main place of work for a business lady is an office, she should choose a comfortable beautiful footwear for everyday wear. Therefore, classic shoes for the modern business lady were and are shoes "boats". Indeed, it is their elongated shape and pointed or rounded nose that emphasize femininity and elegance. Such shoes can decorate the most "ordinary" legs, they are easy to remove or put on. Preferably "boat" without a heel or on a small stable heel (ideal - an altitude of not more than five centimeters). In them you can go all day and not get tired. But hairpins of various heights are allowed: very barely noticeable, low, medium, high. The shapes of the studs are also varied: fitted, classical, having a "banana profile" or a cone-shaped heel. Choosing the height of the heel, a woman must take into account the peculiarities of her appearance. So women of small height can not walk on high heels. This will make them disproportionate, ridiculous and awkward. And in shoes without a heel, they will look squat. A high heel is just as dangerous. The constant wearing of shoes on this heel leads not only to varicose veins and the load on the spine, but also to a decrease in the free access of blood to the pelvis and subsequent frigidity.

Let's talk a little about quality. The best is office shoes made of genuine leather. Firstly, she breathes, her legs do not sweat. Secondly, leather shoes are stronger than shoes made of other materials, for example, leatherette. Thirdly, a woman in such shoes looks more respectable.

Let us now touch the colors of the shoes. Classical shoes for a modern business woman should first of all be in harmony with her business suit and accessories to him. Therefore, you should choose neutral tones. In this respect, black is the most convenient. But this color is too strict and boring. Therefore, you can choose a gray or blue shoes for a suit of light colors, and beige or brown - to a darker one.

The main thing in the appearance of a business lady is a sense of proportion and ability to watch yourself. Therefore, the shoes should be cleaned, cleaned, and her heels in good condition.

Classical shoes are always out of competition!