Which is better: shoes with heels or with soles?

Heels are friends of girls or enemies of health ?! Outside the window drizzles with autumn rain, yellow leaves spin, and the mood for some reason completely at zero. Many psychologists recommend walking outdoors to fight with depression and depression. And not just quick jogging under an umbrella in sneakers, but unhurried promenades. You need to look as if you are a Queen and deserve close attention from the male. Which is better: shoes with heels or with soles? What is more harmful to our health?

One of the most important elements of the outfit for such a walk is a high heel. It has long been known that the heel changes not only the gait and posture of a woman, but also her mood. Any woman or girl becomes more sexual and attracts the views of more than half of the men around her, which is pleasant for almost everyone. Probably, this is why girls from an early age begin to secretly try on my mother's shoes on a hairpin and look forward to when they can also put on their first shoes with a heel.

Many, of course, will say that the heel is, of course, good. But in fact not everywhere roads are a continuous asphalt - not for long and a leg, and even a neck to break. And many times heard that a high heel is harmful for women's health: various pains in the joints, radiculitis, curvature of the spine, varicose veins and many other troubles - all this inevitably awaits the lover of such shoes. This applies to the so-called hairpins, and to the heels with a wide base. The most "dangerous" shoes, which in addition to high heels also have a narrow long sock - legs in such shoes get tired very quickly, blood circulation is disrupted, muscles and tendons are deformed.

So what to do: completely deny yourself this pleasure - be the most slender, charming and attractive - and go to shoes on solid soles? And here not! The solid sole can also lead to various severe diseases: the posture is disrupted, the ligaments are stretched, arthritis can occur, etc. Therefore, it is harmful not less than a high heel. In addition, a woman in such shoes sometimes looks simply ridiculous, for example, on a social event.

You should find the "golden mean". For everyday wear, experts recommend wearing shoes with a heel height of 2 - 3 cm, for long walks on flat soles, and for the appearance of light you can wear high heels.

Whichever footwear is preferred, it should be remembered that the feet need care, and not necessarily different costly means and visits to beauty salons. Many procedures can be performed at home with the use of improvised means. In the morning and in the evening it is useful to do foot massage. You can just barefoot around the house for a while. Well before this 1 - 2 minutes hold your feet in cold water. If possible, in the warm season it is worth to walk barefoot on wet stones, grass or sand - it is advisable to do this regularly.

If your legs are tired, you just need to prepare for them a warm bath with a decoction of herbs or tea brew. It is useful to alternate such trays with rubbing feet with ice cubes.

Do not wave your hands at the swelling. Even small swelling may eventually lead to serious diseases requiring medical intervention. You can buy in the pharmacy ready herbal preparations, well helps infusions yarrow and parsley. But in any case, it is worth consulting with a specialist, since self-medication often harms.

To get rid of the bad habit of spending weekends lying on the couch. And learn to perform simple physical exercises that strengthen the calves and feet. If you have to conduct a "sedentary" lifestyle at work, you should pick up a pair of warm-up exercises that you can perform during the working day.

To high heels it is necessary to "accustom" gradually, especially for teenage girls, whose feet are still in the stage of formation. You should start with wearing low-heeled shoes for up to 1 hour a day, gradually increasing the height and time. With this transition to shoes with high heels it is easier to work out the correct beautiful walk. After all, walking on stilettos is a real art.

The purchase of new shoes is better planned for the evening - by this time the legs tend to swell. Be sure to try on both shoes of the pair - sometimes occurs factory marriage, and one shoe may be wider or shorter than the other. Do not be shy to jump and drown in the new shoes - so immediately you can check how much leg in the new thing is comfortable and convenient. What is better: shoes with heels or on the soles? The choice is yours! But every girl understands that without the heels there is no life in the whole world!