Extreme weight loss methods

On what only girls do not go to have a beautiful and slender figure. Today we will talk about the most extreme ways to lose weight. We are ready to turn the whole world for the sake of getting rid of the hated extra pounds.

We often lose the fight against excess weight. And then crazy ideas come to mind, which we embody for the sake of beauty and harmony. We sit on the most strict diets and go to the most extreme measures. They can be dangerous to our health, but it does not stop anyone. After all, no one thinks about the consequences, we just dream of getting the long-awaited result. Let's see what can help us.


Today, the most common procedure for weight loss is liposuction. This is a very fast correction of the figure. What is this operation? On the body make small incisions and insert a tube, it destroys the layer of adipose tissue. With the help of this tube, the fat begins to suck. The body loses a huge amount of fluid and the body is left with hematomas. The recovery process lasts about a month after liposuction.

This is a very serious procedure for the body. Therefore, the surgery should only be done by an experienced doctor. For the beginning it is necessary to descend or go kdiedologu for consultation. Perhaps you should choose another way to lose weight. If the girl decided to liposuction, then it is necessary to choose a sufficiently experienced surgeon, otherwise the consequences will be catastrophic, scars may remain, etc.

Stitching of the stomach

There are such women who bravely goes to the operation to stitch the stomach. But it is worth noting that this is very dangerous! And the chances of success are average. Stitching of the stomach occurs surgically. After surgery, only enough food for 30 grams of food is left in the stomach. Since a person consumes little food and eats small portions, this leads to rapid weight loss.

But to do such an operation, people with a 3-4 degree of fat-burning are recommended. And this procedure is very risky for health. After the operation, there are consequences. There may be gastric infections and bleeding. And further a person may develop intestinal obstruction. So the problems will be just the sea. Therefore, first try other less dangerous methods of weight loss.

Abuse of insulin

A dangerous and reckless way to lose weight for people who have diabetes. They inject less insulin than necessary. The person receives a dose of insulin, which is enough for life. But the insulin dose does not repress sugar in the blood.

Carbohydrates are heavily digested, and therefore, as an energy source, the body uses stored fat. But let's face it. This is very dangerous for humans! Weight is lost quickly, but for it is necessary to pay with your health, such an experiment can damage kidneys, bladder biscuits. So do not be so thin! This can shorten life.

Diet pills

Many have already experienced diet pills. They really are working to the full. Thanks to them, the girl sells her appetite. Not vsetabetki are safe for health, and they should be recommended by yourdiathologist. Most "vitamin for weight loss" - just a mixture of herbal stimulators for the body, which is of little use, in addition, you will still be dependent on them.

A girl may then have a "breakage". She will feel the dryness in her mouth, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure. Therefore, it is more necessary to be treated for consequences. Do not buy everything that is advertised. If you decide to buy pills for weight loss, then you should ask for help kvracu. We recommend you try the "Green Coffee" tablets. It is a biologically active additive that will accelerate the metabolism in the body.


Many read on the Internet that you can lose weight thanks to the laxatives. We want to upset you, this is all an illusion. Regular intake of laxatives leads to the loss of a large amount of fluid. The body will be defecated, and, perhaps, the girl will have the impression that she has lost weight. This is not true.

After such regular emptying, a person will have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and headaches. This can even lead to death. Therefore, in search of an ideal weight loss, you will only do harm to your health. It is worth to stop and listen to your reason!


Do not think that a diuretic will solve the problem with too much weight. This is the same illusion as with laxatives. After the application of diuretics we will achieve dehydration. And from this you will only get worse. They can damage the kidneys and cause an imbalance in the disorder.

When a person has too much fluid in the body, then do not rush to drink diuretics. First of all, you should go to your doctor. He will make the necessary tests and pick up for the prescription drug, you solve the problem correctly without extremes.

Syringe of the vomiting root

The syrup used to be prescribed to people with gastrointestinal poisoning. The root leads to a painful vomiting of a person. Now the syrup has become popular in the modeling business. It is taken to cause a vomiting reflex immediately. Use syrup for weight loss is very dangerous! This can lead to terrible consequences.

Thanks to vomiting, you can throw off a couple of pounds at once. But apart from this, and make yourself a heap of illnesses. After such vomiting you can notice difficulty breathing, frequent heartbeats and even attacks. There have been cases that the use of a fire has led to a lethal outcome.

Fasting, which leads to anorexia

It is not clear why, but so far "starvation" enjoyed popularity among adolescents and young girls. First, for a couple of days, or even weeks, they experience an incredibly brutal famine. The girl is trying to drink her hunger with water. She stops eating normally. Very soon goloddzyzovet dizziness, nausea, headaches. This starvation leads to canorexia. The girl stops eating, she does not even have an appetite, although she did not eat for a long time. The body is exhausted. This is a mental disorder. Therefore, if you notice that your daughter or girlfriend has all the signs of anorexia, then lead her to the doctor, before it's too late. Most cases of cancers lead to death.


This is also a disease, athechnoe food disorder. The girl, eating, feels guilty for this and causes vomiting to empty her stomach. Regular vomiting leads to heartburn, ulcers, etc. The illness can lead to a heart attack. The symptoms of bulimia are very simple. If you noticed that after a meal the girl constantly visits the bathroom, unpleasant odor from her mouth and bad teeth, then it is worth considering. Perhaps she has bulimia. These people become withdrawn. Do not torture your body, you only harm to yourself.

Therefore, draw the conclusion that extreme types of weight loss will only harm you. They will not make you skinny and attractive. You will only earn yourself a few diseases. So watch your diet and go in for sports. Walk more in the open air and give up oily and sweet food. Such simple rules will help you to keep your figure in a perfect state and you do not have to suture your stomach or puff out the fat! Be always on the positive side!