First visit to a gynecologist in pregnancy

If your calculations allowed you to conclude that menstruation is delayed, and the pregnancy test confirmed the reason for this delay, you will soon have your first visit to a gynecologist during pregnancy. The next nine months you will be under the supervision of this doctor, who undertakes to monitor the course of pregnancy and monitor the normal development of your unborn child.

There is a category of women who want to register with a gynecologist on the first day of menstruation delay or others who register for the month before giving birth. Such extremes are unreasonable and do not find excuses. It is best to register with a gynecologist about the eighth week of pregnancy and not delay this period until the twelfth week. Why such a limited time? There are three reasons for this:

There is a kind of reward (benefit) for future mothers who register with a gynecologist before the twelve week gestation period, in the amount of one minimum wage (SMIC).

For the first visit to a gynecologist you will need:

It is necessary to know when you had the last menstruation, its flow and the duration of the menstrual cycle. In order to avoid the risk of termination of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay a visit to the gynecologist in those days in which there should not be menstrual periods according to calendar calculations if you did not have a pregnancy. Those days in which menstrual periods were supposed to be considered dangerous for the future development of the baby, and interventions and examinations can cause a threat of miscarriage. In order to avoid the risk, it is necessary to mark in the calendar the expected days of menstruation.

Without manifestation of shyness, ask your doctor about the characteristics of sexual activity during pregnancy and do not withhold information about your health. Do not be afraid of condemnation of the gynecologist, he will tell you and help in various matters, if he is a qualified specialist.

Do not be afraid of gynecological examination and do not tune yourself to unpleasant and painful sensations. It is necessary to exclude sexual contact during the last day, because Analyzes may be incorrect, due to the probable presence of seminal fluid in the vagina. It is necessary to have an empty bladder and an empty bowel, because their fullness can interfere with the normal assessment of the state of the organs of the reproductive system when examined. You need to take a shower. Put on clean clothes. It is necessary to go back to the toilet if the visit to the doctor is delayed due to the length of the queue or a long trip.

With intimate cleansing procedures, do not douche; it disrupts the vaginal microflora, and as a result, the results of the tests will show incorrect results, and the doctor will not be able to determine the nature of the vaginal discharge.

The most important thing is that you should have complete trust in the doctor, a positive mood and the desire to have a healthy baby. In order to be calm and confident in the normal course of pregnancy and future birth, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to choosing a doctor and clinic, in which you will monitor the course of your pregnancy.