Folk remedies for face reddening

Even if the reddening of the skin is temporary, all this indicates that there are problems with the capillaries. Small vessels with their fragility sharply filled with blood, and this causes vasodilation, as a result of which red spots appear on the face, which are temporary in nature, and then vascular reticulums or asterisks appear. Redness on the face often worries women after 30 or 35 years, this affects women with sensitive light skin. What you need to use folk remedies for redness of the face, we learn from this publication.

Why does my face turn red?
The reasons for this may be different:
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (worms, chronic constipation, decreased acidity of gastric juice),
- Improperly selected means for skin care of the face,
- Washing with too hot or cold water,
- "Intensive" cosmetology or hygiene procedures,
- Harmful effect on the skin of polluted environment, cold, wind, sun.

Prevention or treatment of redness?
Treatment of redness is not simple and prolonged. Often you have to contact a specialist. For prevention, you need to monitor your diet: to refuse from acute and smoked food, chocolate, tomatoes, liver, legumes, cheese, yoghurts. It is necessary to consume more foods that contain vitamins P, K and C. It is best to prevent this disease than to bring it to a stage that requires radical measures.

The main rule of prevention of redness on the face, try not to provoke the expansion of blood vessels. If you notice that your skin is prone to redness, you need to avoid thermal procedures on your face, and these are warming masks, steam baths. Also, avoid mechanical damage to the skin (vigorous rubbing of the cream, grinding, etc.), a sharp temperature drop, do not stay for a long time in the cold, wind, sun.

The state of blood vessels is adversely affected by heavy drinking and smoking. And of course you need to avoid stress. After depression, a constant nervous tension can undermine the health of any person, and all this will affect the condition of the skin.

Secrets of grooming for a blushing face
Short-term small redness can become permanent and large, if not stopped in time. Skin, which is prone to redness requires increased attention to itself in daily care of it.

In the morning
We will apply a moisturizing cream to protect against polluted environment, cold and wind. We choose a cream in accordance with the type of skin: mixed, fatty, dry. In summer, you need to use a cream with UV protection. To care for acne, it is best to choose a moisturizing cream, based on the plant components, which mask the redness up to 30%.

In the evening
We use a nourishing cream that helps restore skin cells. Night cream should be consumed depending on the age, as the ingredients of the cream can be selected from your age features. We will apply the agent on the face with light movements, without rubbing the skin. Do not need to apply a cream a few minutes before bedtime. The cream and all its useful ingredients should soak up the skin, not your pillow.

Extracts of green apple, orange, chestnut, mimosa, green tea strengthen the vessels. Means with these ingredients for the skin will be very useful.

Cleanse the skin and wash properly
For washing, the ideal water temperature should be 32 or 34 degrees. Such water does not cause narrowing of small vessels, does not cause expansion and does not overdry the skin. But the expansion of the vessels and their sharp narrowing lead to the appearance of acne, red spots and to their "fragility". It is necessary to clean the face not only in the morning, but also in the evening. To remove makeup you need to use gel-like products without perfumes and preservatives.

Practical tips
- The means for washing the skin are applied in circular movements with the pads of the fingers,

- If sensitive skin is cleansed with a special lotion or lotion.
A cosmetic napkin or cotton pads will be moistened with a means and light movements will rub the face,

- Do not use gels and creams with perfume fragrance, alkaline soap, alcohol lotions.
- After cleansing, refresh your skin with a soothing spray.

- Finish the procedure for cleansing with a light massage, with finger pads making pattings.

Using makeup hide the imperfections of the skin
If there are any local redness, we consume a minimum of cosmetics, we can advise you to apply a foundation, which should be in tone with the skin. Using a finger pad, apply a small amount of foundation to the problem area of ​​the skin. We pat that the cream is unobtrusively and evenly distributed. For local use, a liquid corrector is suitable.

For evening make-up we will put this tonal basis on all face skin. On the cheekbones we will put a little friable powder with the effect of sunburn and then with an even face tone the effect of "natural make-up" is assured to you.

When the redness is accompanied by cosmetic skin defects (acne, pigmentation spots), then it is better to use a foundation of tonal cream without fragrance and preservatives. The powder is applied with a cotton pad in small strokes in the center of the face, and only then we spread the powder around the edges. Tonal cream powder contains a large number of particles of pigments, which provides a good masking effect.

When there is not enough tonal cream, then we use the corrector of a greenish shade, it neutralizes the red color. For small pimples and redness, we select a corrector with an applicator and a brush. To hide the serious imperfections of the skin it is better to use a pencil. And then a tonal remedy is applied to the entire skin of the face.

Healthy facial skin - beautiful skin of the face
Remember that even a beautiful complexion speaks about the health of the body. A balanced diet, daily hygiene and the right way of life will help to stay beautiful and healthy longer.

The skin will be grateful if you:
"You'll sleep at least eight hours a day,
- The daily diet will include food that will be rich in mineral salts (fruits, vegetables) and is rich in vitamins,
- On a summer day, on a picnic, at the dacha, at the sea, you need to apply sunscreen. And without the chocolate tan will be enough sun benefit: attractive golden skin color, healthy bones, fine mood.

Guided by these tips, you can use the folk remedies for redness of the face. To do this, you should observe a normal lifestyle and eat right, observe some hygiene and then perhaps the problem with the redness of the face will disappear.