How should I care for curly hair?

How great are the people with curls! Well-groomed hair, falling on the face and curls, will not leave anyone indifferent. But many do not even know how to care for curly hair, these sweet curls on the head.

And that's why the hair shaft has a porous structure, and the scales covering it are uneven, which makes the hair unfit for bad weather, before snow, rain or just wet weather. Therefore, hair care is very important, otherwise the curls will not be shiny, dry and split. And if you fall under the rain or snow, your cute curls will instantly turn into a magnificent hairdo, giving you inconvenience and discomfort.

Curls on your head always attract attention more than straight hair. Your recent acquaintances may ask you: "Are these your real hair or are you winding up?" Or maybe it's a chemical wave? "And of course many have to constantly answer this question, and sometimes this question is your envious, because not everyone is given natural curly hair.

Once, when I was still a very small girl, a woman told me: "People with wavy hair are marked by God!". Then I did not quite understand this phrase. But being an adult, I realize that there are not so many people with natural curls.

But many know that having curly hair is not so easy. They need constant care. The waves are not so obedient in fact. To somehow pacify them, you need shampoo, balm for hair and a mask.

But do not worry! The owners of straight hair, too, a lot of problems with styling and giving the volume of hair. The most important thing is to know a few rules and subtleties for hair care, and then your hair will be irresistible, and no one can take your eyes off your curls! If you do everything right, then your curls will acquire brilliance and natural beauty. And most importantly, the hair will be less prone to cross-section.

Subtlety of daily care for curly hair

Choose the right shampoo
Shampoo should be chosen solely from damage and the type of your hair. At the base of the hair roots are often fat, and the tips of the hair on the contrary are always dry.

The main value of shampoo for dry hair is getting rid of you from dryness and giving them shine. It will be much better if your shampoo will have more natural products than chemical. Before you buy a shampoo, first read the composition, it will be better if your shampoo will contain jojoba oil, lotus or coconut extract. These listed ingredients will relieve you of dryness and give a natural look to your hair. If your hair is very badly spoiled, then it is recommended to buy a shampoo on the nettles, which will help their quick recovery and strengthening.

From shampoos with an increase in the volume of hair, you can immediately refuse. Firstly, when you wash your head, it will be difficult to cope with your curls, and secondly, they destroy the particles of your hair, making them more vulnerable to bad weather.

Use of balm for hair .

After washing the hair, you need to use a special balm. It will help soften your hair. Giving them shine and after it, the hair is beautifully combed. When buying, do not forget to read the reverse side of the product. If the bottle contains a hair conditioner, it means only that it will help your hair to dry quickly and easily. Balsams - rinses are necessary for giving shine to your hair, this process will serve as a citric or lactic acid, as well as complete removal of shampoo from your hair. Also, you can choose a balm for colored hair. When you dye your hair, the paint damages them, while damaging the pigment and the color of your hair. Also, there are balms for dry hair, as they need to provide help on your part. You will help dry hair if you buy a balm with jojoba oil or essential oils, as well as jasmine.

Drying and laying
Drying hair you must pay special attention. It is better to wring out the hair with a towel and wait until the hair will dry. In some cases, you can use a hairdryer, but remember that warm air spoils your hair.

For curls, the best comb is a comb with sparse teeth. When laying curly hair, you need less use of the comb, because with her use the curls will be puffed. Every person has a tendency to have hair cut. Therefore, monthly visit the hairdresser.

Do not dry curls with a hairdryer, otherwise you will spoil them. It's better when the hair dries itself. But if this is not possible and you need to dry your hair with a hairdryer, do not direct a jet of hot air to all of your hair, dry only the tips. Roots can not be dried with a hairdryer, because you can easily damage them.

To get beautiful curls, it's best to use your own hands and fingers rather than a comb. When drying, massage the hair at the roots to give them volume and use your fingers to curl them the way you need, then leave to dry.

Then you can use hair foam.

Secrets of the beauty of curly hair

Masks .

Due to the fact that curly hair is often hard, there are special hair masks. They act, forming a protective film on the hair, preventing them from cutting.

A haircut
Attend the hairdressers. After all, hair has the property of cutting. Every three four months, clip the ends of your hair.

Hair dyeing
It is best not to be painted at all, since even the best quality paint destroys the hair. But if you still decide to do this, then buy special shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. They will help not so to worsen your hair.

And at the end of the conversation about how to care for curly hair, I want to add, never give up your curls, yes, many people with curls reject them and buy straighteners, ruining their natural hair, but know that curls have always been in demand and the girl with a wave will be turned every look of a person. Nature has awarded you curly hair, take care of them and take care of them!