Foot Care: soft heels

Beauty is a whole concept. You can not be well-groomed and beautiful in parts, when the neck and face look great, and the legs or hands do not look very. We care about the hands always in sight at any time of the year. But the legs are another matter. In winter, spring, autumn we wear closed shoes - fashionable boots, shoes, shoes, and in summer you want to put on elegant, light sandals, but the heels do not look the best. What to do, all the summer to wear closed shoes? Of course not. Many different means for taking care of your feet, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, you just need not be lazy and then our heels will turn pink and smooth. Care of the feet: soft heels - we learn from this publication. And we will be helped by compresses, baths, masks and other procedures that need to be done regularly.
Legs can not be called beautiful if the skin on the heels is cracked, rough, yellow and rough. A simple solution will be to contact the beauty salon. There professionals work, and they will make every part of our body well-groomed and beautiful. But not everyone has the means and time to visit beauty salons.

How to make the heels smooth?

How can you make your heels groomed and smooth at home? Many women cut the rough and thickened skin with a razor, but this should not be done. You can cause yourself serious trauma and get the opposite result, because after cutting the skin the next layer quickly grows, and the more often we cut, the thicker the skin becomes on the heels.

To prevent coarsening of the skin on the heels and soften the skin, you need to make baths, this procedure will be the most effective. The composition of the baths is selected individually, taking into account the skin features: soap-soda, herbal, saline and so on. Choose a simple bath, for the preparation of this tray, there is always the ingredients at hand. This is a glass of milk, a glass of soapy water and 3 tablespoons of table salt. We will stir everything in a basin with hot water, hold the legs for about 1 hour or 30 to 40 minutes. After the bath, we clean off the top layer, which has been decocted, for this we use fine-grained pumice or a brush with a stiff bristle. We clean the cleaned areas with a foot cream. This procedure will be useful if we repeat regularly and gradually remove the rough skin.

To restore the legs well-groomed and youthful appearance, you need 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a small plastic bag and warm socks. To moisturize and soften the foot skin, we will put olive oil, wrap the legs with polyethylene and put on socks. Do this for the night before going to sleep, so that nothing would prevent the foot from softening. In the morning you will be surprised by the magic property of olive oil. Your legs will become soft, soft, calluses soften, several such procedures and calluses will disappear.

Baths and masks for heels

Many remedies for foot skin care, you can try, experiment, choosing any, until you find something of your own that your feet will like most. If you make facial masks from fruits and vegetables, then the remnants can be used for heels, because they also need vitamin nutrition.

Mask of fresh zucchini, if you do it once a week - will make the heels satin like the petals of flowers. Young zucchini finely chopped, put on a gauze napkin and for 30 minutes apply to the heels. Then we wash off with warm water and smear with the nourishing cream that we use.

Effective is a mask for heels made of apricots, it will make the skin on the heels of silk. Fresh apricots in a bowl with a fork, add 2 drops of olive oil, stir for 2 or 3 minutes, let it stand on low heat. We put a warm gruel on the heels, we cover it with polyethylene and bandage on top and put on socks. We keep this mask for 20 minutes, then we wash it with cool water and apply a nourishing cream.

Skin on the heels will become more gentle, if you make at night applique with fat cream or corn oil. Plentifully grease the heels, put a plastic wrap on top and bandage for the night. In the morning after a usual 20 minute foot bath, gently squeeze the heel with a small pumice stone. We repeat this procedure several times a week, the skin on the heels will pleasantly surprise you, it will become the same as in childhood.

Surprisingly transforms the skin of the heels of a bath with white wine, it is done once a month. Warm a glass of white wine in a saucepan until the bubbles appear, add 1 tablespoon lime blossom, cover and cook for several minutes. Then we pour the mixture into a small basin, and when it's a little cool, let the heels into it for 10 minutes. After this time, the heels will wipe with a soft washcloth, and again put them into the wine, and so do it several times. After the first procedure, you will see and feel how the skin on the heels becomes tender, soft and pink.

Herbal lotions. There are many medicinal herbs that are able to take care of the skin of the legs. Available from them will be a decoction from the turn, chamomile, cornflower, peppermint, from green tea. To get rid of cracks on the heels, you can use hot wraps, lotions, warm herbal baths. After the bath we do a skin massage on the heels using a fat cream.

The legs of the girl must have a well-groomed and impeccable appearance. On the heels are formed napotypes, which need to be isolated from young beautiful legs. You can care for your heels at home. We rub the skin of the heels with a special pumice stone or brush. Before this, we will warm up our feet in warm water with the addition of liquid soap.

When the legs are decocted, we proceed to cleaning the heels. In the process, feel the skin with your fingertips, so as not to rub up holes. If you feel that your heels are smooth, the procedure ends. Then dry the feet with a towel and apply a softening cream or nourishing cream.

To make the heels smooth and soft, take the vegetable oil, pour it into the palm and fill the salt. Circular motions handle the heels. It will be such a scrub that will remove the dead cells, and with the help of oil, it will soften the skin.

Mask of yolk, lemon juice and potato starch

Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of potato starch and 1 yolk. Spread the legs, apply the mixture and wait until the mixture dries. When it turns into a crust, wash it with warm water, then apply a moisturizing emulsion or cream.

The skin on the heels will become tender and smooth, if after the bath we rub the warmed olive oil or pulp of olives. Heels dry and are covered by cracks from exposure to sun and water, when we sunbathe and bathe. To protect ourselves before sunbathing and before bathing, protect the feet with moisturizing cream.

Strongly coarsened skin of the heels carefully remove, and the heels make soft, if we make a compress from the onions. After a bath with a soap-soda solution or with herbs, attach to the heels for a night 1/2 a small bulb, previously scalded with boiling water. Do not refuse because of the smell of onion compress, close the onion with a plastic wrap and carefully bandage your heels and in the morning everything will wash away. After washing, use a pumice stone and apply a nourishing cream. If you show patience, then after several such procedures, the heels will become soft, and the skin will become smooth.

If you notice that the skin on the heels has become rasping, has lost its elasticity, and its upper layers are covered with cracks, you need to take immediate action. If they are not accepted, then the heels will crack even more and serious treatment will be needed.

In such cases, the lotion from the root of the althea will help. Take 2 tablespoons of althea root, pour ½ room temperature water in enameled dishes, close and put in a water bath. Heat for 30 minutes, stir slowly. When the resulting broth cools down to room temperature, we will moisten the gauze napkins in it and apply it to the heels for 30 minutes. We repeat the lotions 2 times a day until the heels become soft.

You can clean the skin on the heels with a foot scrub, do this once a week. Choose a scrub by the type of skin on your legs. We apply the scrub to oval pumice or to the oval nail file for grinding, and massage the skin of the heels with neat, circular motions. The procedure does not take more than 3 minutes, otherwise it can injure the skin. After this treatment, we use a moisturizing or softening foot cream.

An Apple

We can get rid of thin incisions on the heels in a few days if we apply a grated apple to the heels. Natur on a small grater juicy apple, we will lay out apple puree on a piece of dense fabric and apply to the heels, compress the bandage.

A tomato

To moisten deep cracks on the heels, rub the heel with a fresh tomato cut. In the absence of tomatoes, we use unsalted tomato juice.


- After the foot hot bath we put a mashed cabbage leaf on the heels, or a cabbage leaf slurry. In the morning we will remove the cabbage and oil the legs with a fat cream.

- After the foot hot bath we will spread the heels with honey, from above we will cover with a leaf of cabbage and we will fix such a compress with a bandage. The procedure will be repeated several times.


Take 2 tablespoons of crushed althea root, pour ½ liters of water at room temperature in enameled dishes, tightly cover with a lid, stir frequently, and heat on a water bath for 30 minutes. Then cool to room temperature, soak in this broth gauze napkins and apply for half an hour to the heels. This procedure is done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, if the skin on the heels became fragile and lost elasticity.

All these measures will help soften the skin on the heels, make them attractive, pink, soft and smooth. Heel care at home will not take much time, and simplicity will show your feet in the best light. Now we know how to care for your feet, so that you have soft heels. You should not forget to take care of your heels, regularly pamper them with masks and creams, then you can proudly wear stylish sandals. And all men will be at your feet.