Funny congratulations to his son on Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23

With the Day of Defender of the Fatherland it is customary to congratulate not only fathers and beloved men, but also their sons, even if they have not yet served in the army. Sonny is the future defender, so from childhood, arrange a memorable holiday for him and let's understand that he is a real man. On how you can congratulate your son on February 23, you will learn in our article.

Congratulations to his son on February 23

Most importantly - it is not easy to pamper the child with a gift, but to spend an educational day, telling him, in honor of what the holiday is happening. Explain that a man defends not only his homeland, but his family. It is remarkable if on this day the grandfather and father will tell the son of the history of life about the war or military service in which they showed real manly strength, courage and courage. Children need to know how important it is to temper the character, to overcome life's trials and make the right decisions. Read the story of the war to the child, how brave men defended their Fatherland.

Beautiful touching congratulations to his son on February 23

After you give your son a gift. A small child can be given a soldier, a toy airplane or a tank. To a teenager is a season ticket to a sports club or single combat. So, the son can temper the character. Also a pleasant surprise will be a jump with a parachute or a game of paintball. Present should be useful, so bravely give a book about real men and war. An excellent solution will be a joint trip to a shooting gallery or a military museum. In the evening, it would be nice to get together at a festive army table. Try to do without traditional Olivier, cover your son with a field kitchen. For example, cook pearl gruel, put canned food and stewed fish, brew strong tea. Be sure to say a toast or hand a greeting on the card. You can wish for heroic strength, diligence, perseverance, responsibility and courage. Tell me, how you hope, for his help and protection, and are glad that your son is growing like a real man.

Funny congratulations on the day of the defender of the fatherland

Happy congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day - funny short poems

A teenager or a grown-up teenager will have a joke and funny congratulations. You can come up with a small rhyme yourself or look for wishes on the Internet. It is best to write poetry on a postcard. Do not write trivial words like "I wish you happiness, health, success." For example, you can make a congratulation as follows: "To live a son, like an oil cat, so that the money was, not vice versa, the girls were running girls, beautiful, in short skirts." Agree, sounds original and cool. Here is another example of a poem: "I congratulate my son, on February 23, and I wish you, rightly, to rule at the helm." Write about the hobbies of the son, his dreams, but with humor, avoiding trivial words.