How not to break the diet?

Many diets do not happen, because there is no limit to the perfection of women. The difficult task is to reach a beautiful figure and save it, but the woman has more serious problems, for example, how to combine a diet and the need to be a good hostess.
How to keep to a diet?
All diets are based on food restrictions. It is very difficult to live in an environment where everyone eats a lot and everyone wants to eat. And so this life, when you want to eat, but strongly restrict yourself to eating, can be a real torture.

These rules will help not to break off the diet
Declare to everyone that you are on a diet. Believe in your success. Tell your family that you want to lose weight, to be slim and beautiful, so that the reflection in the mirror gives a good mood and pleased you.

Teach your children to cook. With her husband, nothing will happen either, if he learns how to make tea and can fry his eggs. Try to organize a watch on the kitchen, make a schedule. Let your family at least two days a week prepare their own food. For you it will be unloading days, they will be easier to survive. But do not throw them to the mercy of fate, be friendly and, if necessary, give them advice.

You do not have to adapt to the tastes of your household. At the weekend, cook their favorite dishes, and on other days of the week, cook such dishes, which take a little time and effort.

Do not try to impose your own diet on relatives, do not prepare a meager menu, do not read a lecture on healthy and healthy food. You can share your thoughts, but do not turn these conversations into irritating morals that can drive children into despair, and make your husband dream of a cheerful, gorgeous employee who brings boxes of food with enticing smells to work.

If relatives try to convince you not to stick to a diet and try to seduce you with different delicious dishes, tell them that this diet was advised by a doctor to slightly reduce weight. Tell them that you are experiencing weight in the abdomen, that this diet is bad for the body, hair and skin. And a diet is needed to restore metabolism and proper digestion.

Do not share your diet with the ration of close people, for sure there will be common foods. For example, buying fruit or vegetables for yourself, kefir, take the same products for your family. Experiment for your family with low-calorie meals. They too can please your home.

From time to time, eat dishes that have a higher calorie content than you would like, but reduce your serving 3 times.

When cooking, try less. You already know all the proportions, and if that, call your family, they are unlikely to deny you. Do not feel sorry for the products that have remained, regret your figure.

Do not eat in front of a computer, television. In the process of eating the brain is distracted from food, a person mechanically swallows food.

It is better to change the plates to smaller ones. Then the stomach will be filled with less food. Try to put food on dessert plates.

Less salt food or no salt at all. Such a habit can be worked out. Salt collects excess water in the body, and in the mornings you will less swell.

Examine your kitchen and take away all food. During a diet remove from the eye vases with chocolates, bakery products, lemonades hide in a table or in the refrigerator.

A few practical tips
If you follow these points, then you will not be able to break off the diet and you will manage to lose weight much more quickly.