How to shape yourself

Spring has already begun, and in order to get into shape, we have less and less time. If you want to strengthen the muscles, make your body more slim and fit and find cheerfulness, this simple complex of exercises will help you. To carry it out, neither simulators nor special clothes are needed. The main "sports projectile" here is an ordinary wall. Exercises are designed so that for the load you use your own body weight. The main thing is to practice regularly, at least for half an hour, but every day.

Exercise for hands, back, chest, shoulder girdle
Stand facing the wall at arm's length. Lean hands in the wall at shoulder level. Perform push-ups slowly, making sure that the back remains straight and the pelvis does not go back. Putting your arms wider than your shoulders and spreading your elbows to the sides, you involve more muscles of your chest. If the arms are already shoulder, when push-up is better "work" triceps.

Exercise for the outer side of the thighs
Stand facing the wall and rest your hands on it. Make mahi in the direction alternately right and left foot.

Exercise for the back of the thighs and buttocks
The original position is the same as in the previous exercise. Do swings back alternately with your right and left foot, making sure that the supporting leg remains straight.

Exercise for the press and thighs
Stand face to face with the wall and with strength to rest against it with both hands. Sharply bend alternately left and right leg, pulling it to the stomach and lingering in this position for a few seconds.

  1. Stand up straight to the wall. Raise your foot and rest your foot on the wall. Lean forward, grab your ankle with your hands and reach for your knee. Hold in this position, then release the leg and straighten. Repeat alternately right and left foot.
  2. Stand face close to the wall. Raise one hand and, stretching your back, stretch on the wall with your hand as high as possible. Repeat alternately right and left hand, then - with both hands.
We fix the posture
Stand with your back to the wall, feel how the nape, shoulders, buttocks touch it. Straighten, spread your back and shoulders. Exhaling, tighten the stomach, straining the back muscles. Holding your breath as far as possible, exhale, relaxing the tense muscles. Repeat several times. At the end, you should straighten your shoulders and stand for a moment, touching the back of the wall, trying to make the body "remember" the flat posture.