How to choose a good fondyushnitsu?

If you consider yourself an aesthet or a gourmet, and maybe just have fun with the reception of guests and you like to surprise them with new dishes every time, creating an unforgettable and unique atmosphere each time, then you need to choose a special device - fondue, or rather a fondue kit. Perhaps, one of your relatives has long dreamed of learning how to prepare fondue? Use the tips for choosing this device and surprise everyone with your fabulous dishes.

Of course, such a well-known dish can be cooked even in a pumpkin, but with this word, we immediately remember Halloween, just on the stove or in a suitable dish in the microwave: in a cast iron saucepan and in a saucepan. Perhaps, in this case, you will prepare an excellent fondue, but the process of its absorption suggests that chocolate, cheese, butter or broth be sure to be hot, so there must always be a certain temperature ... Surely you will agree that the present-day adaptations can make the process of eating and cooking much more comfortable and more pleasant, and thanks to new design solutions at the table you can create an unforgettable special atmosphere. When you go to choose fondyushnitsu, you need to consider some factors:

And now you can talk about the main criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing this cookware.

Material from which the fondant is made

There are many types of materials, from which now produce dishes for fondue: clay, ceramics, cast iron and stainless steel. Fondies made of ceramic and clay are excellent for cheese and ishocolada. For these products, the temperature of the heating is not very high, so the best-selling variants of ceramics and clay are quite suitable for you. It is only worth remembering that pottery can not be put on the stove, because it can be torn. If you are going to prepare a fund of seafood, fish or meat, then give preference to the metal fund. In addition, it is universal - in it you can also prepare both cheese and chocolate fondue. However, this option is also the most expensive. The best dishes are dishes of stainless steel, but cast iron products are also good - because in them the food slowly cools. Some landladies do not favor cast-iron dishes, especially if they prepare to cook fish, cheese and other kinds of fondue. Cast iron has a porous structure, so it can retain the smell of the previous dish. In addition, for cheese it is important to have non-stick coating, because it can stick to the cages. It is very rare to find fondues made of heat-resistant glass.

Kind of heater

There are also different ways to maintain the necessary temperature in the dishes. There are different kinds of heaters - from the burners of candles, which in turn can be alcohol, electric and gas. If you are going to prepare a chocolate fondue, then you should stop by the candle, which will always keep a small flame (you can find it in clay and ceramic files). Metal and cast iron dishes for fondue are heated with the help of a burner. Naturally, the safest and most convenient electric fondueshniki.Odnako using such fondues you can not create a romantic atmosphere, which can give a real, "live" fire.


The thermostat is simply necessary for uniform heating, so the dish will be more tasty and it will be much better prepared. It is therefore necessary to choose dishes with a thermostat if possible.

Volume of the skewer

The volume, of course, depends on the number of servings. The standard fondue pot has a volume of 1.2 - 1.5 liters and most of the fondation is read for 6 people, there are also such instances that provide for the preparation of chocolate fondue for 2 and 4 people, and there are also Exclusive options for 8 people.


In standard fondue sets, you can see from seven to twenty-nine items that are intended for a number of persons from two to eight. There are small fondues for chocolate, which include a small number of elements. So it turns out that in addition to the kettle itself, a full set is added to the sauces, plates for garnishes and forks. So the kit includes the saucepan itself, in which they prepare fondue, small portioned cups, in which sauces and the same number of special forks are served (if the fondue is meat, then they need more than twice the amount), which must necessarily be plastic or wooden handles. In addition, the kit should have a burner, a stand for the kettle itself and in some cases there is also a substitute-carousel. Usually it is a plastic, steel or wooden disc, on which there are seizures in order to put on it pots with fondue and scoops. If there is this disc, then using the fondus becomes much more convenient: when you rotate it, you do not need to reach for the sauce that you liked most, at the risk of getting soiled. If you have looked at the largest set, then it should include a knife-changer, which is divided into several sectors for garnishes and sauces. Widgets also have a special look, each handle has its own color, thanks to which each guest will not lose his fork from sight. But, of course, this does not happen in all sets. In some sets, the same number of spoons for sauces and forks is put. And, of course, the larger the set, the more it will hit your family budget.


First of all, how the fondue will look will be affected by the material from which it is made, and of course, from the imagination and the thoughts of the designer. Very noble and beautiful look metal sets with wooden or plastic handles. On ceramics designers in general can represent anything, from this material it is possible to make sets of the diversified styles: in the form of heart, pieces of cheese, pieces of chocolate, etc.

Excellent will look at the festive table fondues made of translucent heat-resistant glass.

Fuel for fondue

When the landladies buy fondue, they do not at all think that it alone will not work. It is important to take care of the fuel for a new purchase. There are several types of fuel for fondue. A combustible gel can usually be seen in a liter bottles. This bottle you have enough for 10 applications, if each of them will last from 3 to 5 hours. There is also a paste in the tablets, which you can buy Vupakovke (there are 3 of them). If after the use you still have a paste in the pill, then it must be thrown out-there is no point in storing it because it will dry up. If you do not know how often you want to prepare fondue, then take better tablets with pasta, three of you will have enough time for the first time.

If you do not have alcohol in your house or you forgot to buy a special helium mixture for fondue, then you can use the usual small round candle-tablets, but you can warm them up with a little ceramic fondue for chocolate. If you need to extinguish the fire, then in no case you can not blow on the spirit. It is very dangerous. But dangerous is not for the one who blows, but for people who are opposite. Alcohol and air can create a great flame, so to extinguish the fire, use a special lid.

How to choose a quality fondyushnitsu?