How to cook asparagus?

The title of queen of vegetables by right belongs to asparagus or as it is customary to call in the people - asparagus. But how else, because it has a rich taste, high nutritional value and an impressive supply of useful substances. However, many housewives are not in a hurry to please close culinary creations from mere ignorance, how to properly prepare a vegetable. Let us consider in more detail how to use asparagus.

Delicate cooking of vegetables

So, the correctness of the preparation of the vegetable is based on the correct cleaning and cooking of the shoots. Before cooking asparagus, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and this process depends on which you chose the grade - white or green. It is customary to clean the white variety only under the upper tips, and green - starting from the middle of the rod.

It is allowed to clean asparagus cascade with a conventional knife or a tool for cleaning vegetables. If you use the first method, then you can remove the rough layers without damaging the inner part of the rod. At the same time, it is necessary to act very carefully, so as not to break the fragile escape in the hands.

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Asparagus asparagus

Asparagus cooking is a delicate and delicate process. In order to prepare green asparagus, there are several methods: vertically in bunches and loose. Using the first method, it is necessary to prepare a narrow high pan and lower the stems there, tied with a string. Keep in mind that the tops reach the preparedness more quickly than the stems. For this reason, a bunch of asparagus is dipped into the water so that the tops are above the water. Thus, it turns out delicate cooking - the stems are prepared in boiled water, and the tips - under the influence of steam.

Regardless of the cooking technique, one important condition remains - salted boiled water. Even if you are preparing frozen asparagus, add 2 tsp. salt and bring the liquid to a boil. Only then put the vegetable in the bowl. You can add 1 tsp. honey or lemon slice, so that the taste of the vegetable will become more saturated.

Note that fresh green asparagus can be cooked in a special sieve. To do this, the bundle of asparagus is placed on the bottom of the sieve, after which it is immersed in a vessel with boiling water. The duration of cooking varies from the thickness of shoots and the type of vegetable. If you cook a white variety, it will take 8-10 minutes, if green - 3-4 minutes.

In addition, before cooking the vegetable, you need to prepare ice. It is used to instantly terminate the thermal process, which will last a few more minutes in the stems after being removed from the pan. After dipping them into the ice, the stems become crispy and acquire a rich color.

The cooked vegetable is extracted from the ice, allowed to drain excess water and dried on a paper napkin. Then you can spread on a plate and serve with sauce.

Variation of sauces for asparagus

As a rule, asparagus is served under Dutch sauce, which includes egg yolks, lemon juice and butter. However, underline the delicate taste of the vegetable can be a number of others. Regardless of whether you have prepared a classic dish or asparagus in Korean, you can use such a basis for the sauce:

Undoubtedly, cooking is not the only way of processing asparagus. You can also bake vegetables, pickle, add to pasta, soups, use as a filling for baking or casserole. However, the true taste of asparagus can be felt when cooking shoots, enjoying a delicate aroma and pleasant sweetness.