How to get rid of Konopouk at home for 1 day?

Get rid of freckles - a few tips and recommendations.
Small reddish dots, called in the people freckles or konopushkami appear with the beginning of spring. The gentle rays of the sun caress the faces of cute girls, acting ultraviolet on the skin, resulting in a cute pigmented spots. Well, for whom the dear, and for whom not, the taste and color, as they say. It is interesting to know that it is impossible to get rid of freckles forever. Over the years they will leave your face, so here, as you do not try, nothing will come of it. Another question is if you want to limit their manifestation as much as possible or completely remove it for a certain period.

How to get rid of freckles on your face quickly at home?

There are several simple and effective methods how to quickly get rid of Kononops with simple facial masks.

Recipe 1

Take one teaspoonful of onion and mix with 100-120 g of sour milk. Apply the mixture on the face 2-3 times a day, and before going to bed, apply moisturizing nourishing cream, because there is a certain dryness. The result will come after several repetitions of the procedure.

Recipe 2

Good and helps a teaspoon of onion juice, mixed with a glass of plain water and a spoonful of cucumber juice. The technique is the same as in the first recipe;

Recipe 3

Take a tablespoon of currant juice, lemon, almond oil, add a little water (quite a bit) and a teaspoon of calendula. Apply the liquid twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed;

Recipe 4

According to the reviews, a protein of chicken egg, mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, helps. Shake well and apply for 30 minutes. How it is done: we smear the first layer, wait for 10 minutes, until it dries, then several times at equal intervals. At the end of the procedure, we wash ourselves first with warm water, then cool. Enough 2 procedures per day.

Recipe 5

2-3 teaspoons of cottage cheese, stir with 1 teaspoon of sour cream and add 10-12 drops of usual hydrogen peroxide (3%). Apply should be 2 times a day for 30 minutes. Be sure to wash yourself and use a protective cream after the mask.

If you want an even faster and more guaranteed result, then you have a direct way to a cosmetology room to experienced dermatologists. You will be helped, by choice, by chemical pilling, photo or laser therapy. However, and they will require a certain time and several visits to the procedures.

Of course, getting rid of freckles is not so easy as it seems from the outside, but do not despair. The result, depending on the type of your skin and individual characteristics, can come as the next day (the pigmentation becomes less noticeable), and after a week or two.

Preventing the appearance of freckles on the face

The people say: "It's easier not to admit, than to deal with later." The proverb is applicable to this situation. To avoid significant manifestations of fine pigmentation on the skin, follow the tips below:

Try and experiment. Do not be discouraged if any of the methods does not help you in the next few days, you can always pick up another one. Moreover, there are enough cosmetic products in the market that lighten the skin or even those that are designed specifically to help with the question of how to get rid of freckles. In the end, you can always consult a dermatologist for advice.