How to learn how to express your thoughts correctly?

The psychology of communication has been most widely used and disseminated. Many people are worried about such a problem, how to learn correctly, express their thoughts. After all, simple communication with a close person, relations with colleagues, a business meeting require some skills. Everyone can learn all this.

Communication with business partners can take place in a frivolous manner, and during dinner your relatives will not understand your presentable tone. Probably, each of you noticed that communicating at official receptions, studies, at work, often there is a feeling of insincerity of communication, formality. A woman who flirts with a man, a man who looks after a woman, and does not suspect that they are playing a complex psychological game.

Communication gives people pleasure, joy, a new impetus, they help him cope with the routine of everyday life, with boredom, in professional activity raise him to new levels. Communication is the process of development and establishment of relations between people, they represent perception, exchange of information, the opportunity to understand each other.

How to express your thoughts?

The ability to communicate is the ability of a person to express his thoughts. It is very difficult to communicate with a person who can not explain what he wants. And this is a vivid example if you are in contact with a person who is in a state of intoxication. He has many philosophical thoughts, but he is not able to express them in words. Of course, this is an extreme case, but in everyday life, every sane person has a minimum vocabulary.

Each of us repeatedly met with a man who, in order to express his impressions, his own emotions, did not have enough words to denote the thoughts and images that revolve in his head. Some words are repeated, pauses like "em" are included in speech, and so on. Maybe you had it? Then you have a problem with the expressions of thought, it is a small problem, since this is an insurmountable obstacle. We can tell you how to develop your abilities in this matter.

How to learn to communicate?

1. Read more books.
To learn to consistently and smoothly express thoughts you need to have a large vocabulary. To replenish your vocabulary - to increase your degree of reading, you need to read literature, newspapers, magazines, books and so on. You will postpone words that have a similar meaning, and the meaning of new words you will learn from the dictionaries.

2. Communicate more .
Communicating with other people and discussing various topics with them, you can learn a lot for yourself. Large reserves of words, of course this is a great help in communication, but it is very important to be able to build a set of words to get a harmonious speech. If it is difficult for someone, then you can suggest some ways to develop your own speech.

Try to do some exercises:
1) take any word and give it a definition in the form of a complete coherent sentence, as if asking yourself: "What does it mean ... to breathe? "," What is ... a smile? ".

2) guess to yourself 2-3 any words and make with their help the offer, and the more they are composed, the better. It is useful to perform such exercises with a small child.

Difficulties in communicating with people .

1. If a person speaks to another person with incomprehensible words .
It is impossible not to recall the difficulties that arise when communicating, when a person speaks in words that are incomprehensible to other people. It can be obscene expressions, a set of slang phrases, scientific terminology, which is equally difficult to understand. Most likely, the problem is related to education and culture, it happens that in his speech a person uses words that are incomprehensible to others. In this case, you need to feel your interlocutor, if he understands you and if there is such a need to explain the meanings of unfamiliar words.

2. Approach to communication.
This is an important point in the approach to communication. Be able to choose words in the audience in which you are. This is the style of communication, the manner. It is necessary to use a set of words that will become understandable and relevant in this circle of people. At different levels, communication is built, if you are in the circle of your friends or at a meeting on business.

To understand your words or not, put yourself in the place of the person you are addressing, and evaluate yourself, as if from the outside. It is better to use expressions and phrases for a specific situation. If you come for an interview and loudly greet your employers with the word "Respect", then you risk flying out the door. It will be more pleasant just to say hello. Communication is expressed by the attitude to the interlocutor and the degree of his interest as an individual.

3. Necessary rate of speech.
It depends on the situation, a fast pace of speech is suitable for hot disputes, and in other situations the pace of speech should be slower. But the main thing is that the speech was smooth and measured. Even if there is a surge of emotions or there is a desire to bring interesting news, you need to try to first thoughts lined up in your head in a coherent speech, and then turned into words.

There is an exercise that allows you to express your thoughts at the same pace. When you walk, say something, and do not have to say it out loud, and for every step speak the same number of words, about 2 words per second, and try to pronounce 2 words a step.

When you learn how to express thoughts correctly, it will help you get rid of unnecessary words like ("em", "shorter", "well"). These words can be heard from people who do not have a good vocabulary, but they can be heard from people who speak fast.

4. Sense of humor .
Any communication can not do without a sense of humor. With the help of humor you can defuse the tense situation. Even at business meetings, it's appropriate to have a joke inserted in time.

Now we know how to learn correctly, express thoughts. Take advantage of these tips, perhaps they will help you and help you communicate and express thoughts correctly.