How to win the respect of children?

Parenting is a very difficult job, which must be taken responsibly and seriously, as any mistakes in education that parents will make in the future can put a negative imprint on the fate of the child. So that the child succumbs to parenting, listened to their advice and requests, he should respect them. But respect for your child, like respect for any other person, you need to deserve.

In fact, it's very easy to make the child respect you. It is enough to observe several rules, and will exhibit for your kid a real authority.

Parents should be the best role model for their child

Children, especially those who are in adolescence, tend to commit ill-considered actions. Often they simply can not assess the possible consequences of their actions. Especially the situation can worsen if a teenager gets into a bad company, choosing himself as an example for imitation of not the best characters.

That's why parents should take their responsibilities to the child from the early years of his life seriously. The child should be proud of his parents. Only then does he want to follow your good example and start listening to your advice.

In every family there must be a discipline. Ask yourself, how disciplined are your children? Think whether they always tell you about their intentions? That's the way it should be.

Children, no matter how uncomfortable they initially are, need a certain schedule, as well as adults. By giving time to the upbringing of children, parents create a kind of foundation for their character.

Proper discipline is the foundation for the harmonious development of the child. Parents should give time to their children every day, otherwise they will cease to feel parental love, that modernity will affect discipline and education in general.

Learn to show your children love

Think, can you show your love? How often do you tell your children that you love them and show your feelings? At the same time, love does not need to be bought. It must be served by spending time with the child and paying attention to it.

Unfortunately, the modern world is so that parents, if they want to provide for their family, have a lot of time to spend at work, which naturally affects their relations with children. As a result, many people try to replace lost time with expensive toys and good gifts. Of course, it's fine when a child receives a long-awaited thing, and even better that parents can afford it. But we must not replace our love and attention with different things.

As much as you do not work, for sure, you have a weekend. Make a rule for yourself: at least once a week, give time to the child. At the same time, no stranger should distract you: no work, no friends, no acquaintances, no computer.

Children are very fond of spending time with their parents, especially if they show love, respect and interest in their affairs and problems. Be sure to ask how things are with the child at school, what he did, what he currently enjoys. No matter how frivolous your hobby is not shown, try to penetrate it sincerely.

If you love your children, and this is exactly the way it should be, you should feel their needs and problems and understand their hobbies.

Do not be afraid to say "no"

Often children intentionally behave so that they hear from their parents "no", thereby turning their attention to themselves. Sometimes it happens that parents are not particularly interested in the achievements of children, but when some negative situation occurs, they immediately give up all their business. That is why teens start to smoke, drink, communicate with bad companies. They do this spitefully to their parents, who do not pay attention to them.

Remember, love is the first thing that all children need. Material values ​​are needed, but they are on the second place. Do not let children only by manipulation get your attention from the long-awaited. Give children time. Understand their problems. With this, run up grunts and screams, and even more so do not ignore their problems. Sometimes it's enough to say "no" and give the child a few hours. Believe me, he appreciates this.

Learn to give in to each other

In a prosperous family there is no place for stubbornness. All family members must make concessions to each other. The wife must give in to her husband, the husband to the wife, the parents to the children, and vice versa. In a family where everyone respects each other and concedes, calm will reign, satisfaction and family happiness.

Make friends with your children

Of course, parents must first of all be parents for their children, but this should not interfere with your friendships with children. If you want children to trust you, you must take an active part in their lives. Do not ignore, do not reject and do not disappoint your children! Parents should show their children respect. Only in this way is it possible to receive respect in return.

Never cheat on children

Children are very trustful, therefore they experience very great stress if they are deceived by the closest people. If you just forgot to fulfill your promise, it is also equated with deception. Never give to children of promises that are not knowingly unfulfilled, and always keep your word.

Love and respect for children is very easy to win. Remember, children already love and respect their parents. It's just not necessary to undermine their trust by bad or rash acts!