How to tie a baby hat

His young mothers always want to dress their children in an original and fashionable way. And this is not a difficult task, if we take and make with our own hands some things, for example, to tie a child's hat. This is one of the simplest tasks, it is possible even for a beginner knitter. In addition, the product will be unique and unique, during the work you will put a piece of your love and warmth and your child will always tell his friends that this cap was tied by his mother.

To properly connect the cap, you need to consider some points. Yarn should be only natural, it should be applied with natural dyes, otherwise this wool will cause skin irritation or allergy. Threads for children's caps should be selected according to the season. For winter and spring, you need to take half-woolen or woolen yarn. For summer, you will find a garus, iris, cotton thread. From them your baby will not sweat. Pure synthetics should be avoided.

If you are going to tie a children's hat for a cold season, then it's better to choose a tight knitting pattern, it will not pass cold air and will better keep the heat. The hat with the ears that will be tied under the chin is best. Practical and convenient little forgotten models of "helmet" and "stocking." They are simple in the technique of knitting and fit tightly to the child's head.

It is easy to tie a children's cap with knitting needles. This can be done both on five spokes, and on two. Beautifully and quickly fit the cap, if you use the technique of knitting socks and mittens, with the help of five spokes. Warm and original children's hats can be made with a pattern with ornament. In this case, broaches from threads will be visible inside the product. They will additionally insulate the cap and help maintain the shape of the product.

First version of children's knitted cap

For the children's cap will need 100 grams of mohair or natural fluffy wool and knitting needles. Yarn can be melange and monophonic. We connect the cap with a simple pattern of elastic band 2x1 (2 facial loops and 1 purl). We measure the circumference of the child's head with a centimeter tape and calculate the number of loops that are necessary for the set. Then we will type the loops on the knitting needles and tie the canvas 35 cm high. Sew or crochet the side seam first, then the upper seam and as a result we will get an excellent cap with the ears, we'll sew pompoms, tassels or pigtails to them. If we connect the cap of this model on the circular knitting needles, then we get one upper seam.

The second version of children's knitted cap

There is a simple version of the cap with a lapel. We put 90 knitting needles on knitting needles, we knit with an elastic band 2x2 (two face loops, two purl loops), this is about 25 cm, then we gradually reduce the loops to make the bottom of the cap. In the front row, we sew 2 loops together each 6 loops. In the other facial series, we sew 2 loops together each 5 loops, in the other row - through 3 loops and through - 2 loops. Thus, there will be 17 loops left on the spokes. We will collect them on a double string and tighten it tightly. Then we sew or tie the side seam of the cap with a crochet and make a lapel. We sew a pompon or a brush with a hat.