Hygienic manicure

There is so much written about the beauty of the hands that it seems that there is nothing to add. On the care of hands and nails, about the design of nails and all sorts of procedures, there is so much information that it's just right for a normal person to get scared - where to take the time, the opportunity ?! So, leave your hands at all without attention? No way, because there is the same hygienic manicure!

First of all, what is a hygienic manicure? This is a complex of activities that are necessary to always maintain the nails of the skin of the hands in perfect shape. They are simple, they can be done at home and do everything: men, children, women, who can not afford a complex design manicure, nail extensions, and so on. And to have beautiful fingernails want everything, and more than that, it's all necessary.

Hygienic manicure is, as you can see from the title, hygienic procedure, but do not just wash your hands with soap and cut your nails, and giving nails aesthetic appearance is the basis for any kind of manicure. Decorative varnish coating on perfectly manicured nails is not necessary, but perhaps transparent or bodily, natural color. But most importantly - care.

First of all, as in any caring procedure, we proceed to cleanse. Most often just wash your hands with soap, the remains of varnish, if they are, you need to remove a special liquid. Cleaning your hands and nails with hard brushes is completely unnecessary if you have not worked, say, in the garden. It happens that the hands and nails on the inside are getting dark from working with vegetables or fruits or even from some specific activity, but there is a well-known method - rubbing dark spots with a piece of lemon.

After that, you can also take care of the processing of nails and cuticles. It is understood that you already have good, reliable tools for this, without them being uncommitted, and you need to acquire immediately qualitative ones. They are not cheap, but they will last longer, and most importantly, they will not harm nails. The most common is the classic manicure, which is also called wet. Such a manicure is considered an optimal one, because it is suitable for any type of skin and nails, for the cuticle of any degree of "neglect" and stiffness. We will consider it.

Step One: First, the nails need to be filed, so that they all have the same length and shape. The shape of the nails should be chosen taking into account the shape of the hands and fingers, and the length - if possible. If you know that your nails are too brittle, do not try to grow very long. Nails of different lengths also do not decorate their hands. Fing nails should be in one direction, so that there is no microcracks.

Step two: We make a bath for the nails. Its main function in front of the manicure is the softening of the cuticle, burrs, coarsened skin, but it can also be combined with the procedure for strengthening the nails. If you just decided to soften and moisturize your skin, then just take hot water with a drop of liquid soap, but you can add sea salt, a drop of iodine, lemon juice - all this strengthens your nails. Fingers in such water should be kept for 15-20 minutes.

Step three: Fingers with a towel and apply a special remedy for removing the cuticle. Apply it when necessary, not only around the nail plate, but also under it - under the nail, too, may be the growths of coarse skin. With a smooth wooden stick, move the cuticle away, remove the nodules from under the nail with the tip of the stick. Do this carefully, without effort, so as not to damage the nail.

Step Four: Tweak the nuts and burrs neatly with the tongs. This should be done very carefully, so as not to injure the skin near the nail. If this does happen, immediately disinfect the cut.

Step Five: Grinding and polishing the nail. To give the nail smoothness and natural shine, you need a special saw with four sides of varying degrees of rigidity. First, the hardest side removes the upper layer of the nail and all irregularities, then bring the nail plate to the gloss of the most smooth. To operate such a saw should also be in one direction and without applying excessive force to avoid injury to the nail.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here, this procedure will not take much time, but will allow you to always be proud of your own hands. Doing a hygienic manicure should be at least once a week, but you can and more often. Only grinding the nail should be done 1-2 times a month, not more often. Do not forget about the various means for strengthening the nails and skin care, but this is another topic.

There is a saying: "The hands of a lady give her habits." Let your hands always give out only your good habits, one of which will be the rigorous care of your appearance!