Lana Turner: life as a movie, a movie as a life

Once upon a time, Oscar Wilde himself said: "Life imitates art to a much greater extent than art imitates life itself." This very paradox is best suited to the life story of actress Lana Turner, who in the 1940s and 1950s was one of Hollywood's most famous and colorful stars.

Whatever you say, and the best film of one of the most sensual and glamorous stars of the classic Hollywood Lana Turner at all times is the "Postman always rings twice" (1946). And if by the word "call" means a suicide, then the fate of the actress identified two such "call".

«The girl in a sweater»

In one of the rainy evenings of 1929 in the life of Julia JinMilfred Frances Turner (she's in the future Lana Turner), when the girl was 8 years old, the first of the "calls" sounded. The father of the future actress in the afternoon moonlighting a clerk in one of the offices, spent the evening in an underground gambling house. At one of these "meetings" of the card club, a quarrel arose, as a result of which the head of the Turner family got a bullet repaired. This tragedy completely changed the life of the girl, who was doomed to live her entire life in the small rural town of Wallace, Idaho. After the death of his father, the young mother of the girl (she gave birth to Julia at the age of 16), together with her daughter, went to find happiness in California. But she did not succeed in finding happiness, unlike Julia.

Already at the age of 16, the girl debuted on the screen for the first time, playing a role in the film with the prophetic title "It's not forgotten". In this film, she had only one episode - in the roadside cafe, the girl in a very tight sweater drinks "Coca-Cola." By the way, after this film, Julia began to be called Lana, which in the Spanish language known in California means "wool" (Lana - "girl in a sweater). In the official biography of the actress, it is stated that she was "lit" by a well-known film journalist who at that time noticed the girl in such a twister at one of the cafes. But in fact, since the age of 15, the girl has studded the studios of the studios, wanting to get into the cinema.

A novel with a millionaire and producer Howard Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the "Aviator"), brought Lana great roles. Having an enchanting appearance, the actress lightly plaques on the screen images of insidious temptresses and in a short time became the idol of Americans - photographs with her images of fun on the wall of almost every family. The beginning of the 50's was marked by failure, due to the fact that a few films with the participation of the actress suffered a fiasco. It was here that the caller phoned and this call was heard by everyone.

"Successful woman"

Lana did not make special bets on movies, but successfully getting married became her goal. For the first time the actress went under the crown in 1940, at the age of 19. Her husband was the popular musician Artie Shaw. But because Lanaussilenno tried to combine the incompatible - family life and marches on the side, the marriage lasted only eight months. It is because of her way of living and going to the left that the actress within Hollywood received the name "Queen of the Night Life".

After Lana will marry seven more times. Her successful husbands will be millionaires, businessmen, actors and even a hypnotist. And for the famous Hollywood restaurateur Stephen Crane, the actress married twice (in 1942 and 1943), giving birth to him in 1944, daughter Cheryl.

By the end of the 50's, the personal life of the actress and career left much to be desired. She divorces and appears with the local gangster Johnny Stompanato. April 4, 1958 rang the bell and the police chief told that Johnny was stabbed in the bedroom actresses.

The story told by the night

According to the testimony of the mother and daughter, the cause of the death of Johnny stalasors, which arose because the actress did not want him to take with him at the Oscar ceremony - he raised his hand to Lana and it was all seen by the fourteen-year-old Cheryl, who grabbed the knife and stabbed him in belly gangster. With her daughter they took a written explanation, but instead of the girl Lana herself appeared on the court, where she played her best role in life. The court session was broadcast throughout the whole of America for an hour, and together with the woman the whole country was crying and waiting for the results of the court with bated breath. The court unanimously came to the conclusion that it was "justified murder." Only cynics once again remembered the movie "The Postman Always Rings Twice," where justice just also remained in a fool.

Perplexity of the law

Johnny Stompanato died at about the beginning of the tenth, but police reported the incident only an hour later. During this period of time Lana managed to call my mother, who immediately rushed with a personal lawyer, who was famous in Los Angeles and for his ability to win the most desperate cases was the status of "lawyer for the doomed." By the way, the lawyer was accompanied by his personal detective. These people had a lot of time to come up with a story before the police arrived.

The situation was solved, but there was no blood near the corpse, although the detective himself soon confessed to the hairdresser that he had a lot of blood. This indicated that Johnny was killed in bed, after which they were beloved, and the corpse was transferred to the floor. Yes, and fingerprints on the murder weapon, and did not find, which the actress bought on the same day. And the girl's candid make-up made the woman more adult. Immediately remembered the rumors that surrounded the last razvodkrtisa: she filed for divorce, tk. noticed that the spouse had put an eye on Shirley. Plus, one of the nosy reporters found in the house a note from Sherley, with an invitation for a nice one ... But from the police, this note remained unaccounted for.

Pleasant and not very consequences

As soon as the trial ended, Lana Turnernezamstedlenno received an offer to play a major role in the film, which was eloquently called "Imitation of Life" (1959). This film became one of the most cash for the whole career of the actress and provided her with invitations to take pictures of the early 80's. Turner was able to acquire a considerable fortune and eshtri times managed to marry no less wealthy men. Laniparu's daughter spent many years in a mental hospital, after coming out she tried herself as a real estate sales agent, and one day she got a "girlfriend" and told her mother that she was a lesbian.

Lana took her daughter as she is and even more, her daughter's daughter began to call her second daughter. This continued until June 29, 1995, when Lana Turner, at the age of 74 years, died of cancer. She entrusted all of her state to two 50-year-old "daughters". The contribution of the actress to the cinema was immortalized by the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But even after Lana's death, cinema and life are closely intertwined: next year on the screens there will be a film "Stompano", where Lana Turners will play Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Johnny - Keanu Reeves. By the way, according to Sharon Stonimirat the role of Lana should it was she, because the actress bequeathed her this.