Lent 2017: food for the Orthodox for every day and for weeks - Calendar and rules for meals on days during Lent

The Great Post of 2017 is the most important and the most ancient fast in Christianity. This is a difficult let to the Resurrection of Christ, according to which the Orthodox laity must pass in severity and limitations. In the church calendar the period of Lent (February 27 to April 15) is considered the most touching, instructive, kind and light. The only sullen fact is a strict diet according to all the rules of fasting and refraining from noisy worldly entertainment. But having in the arsenal a calendar of ration on days and on weeks, it is not difficult to adhere to the rules. In Lent 2017, the food is rather meager and monotonous, so you can not do without imagination, wit and table with tips. Great Post 2017 - food for orthodox by week

In the name of saving human souls, Christ spent 40 days in the wilderness praying and preparing for a great mission. Having lost all food and strictly refusing devilish temptations, the Son of God passed the test and returned safely to public service. Unfortunately, the Jewish high priests did not approve the new religion and condemned Jesus to death as a false prophet. After the execution 7 calendar days were called a passionate week, and Velikden (Easter, Resurrection of Christ) turned into a light ceremony in the name of the Savior, revered to this day.

The Great Lent is a wide cycle, including the Pentecost and the seven days of Holy Week. His main goal is to fill with virtue and complete eradication of the negative manifestations of the human soul. Strict post includes not only proper food for the Orthodox for weeks, but also unconditional observance of all the sacred commandments, refusal of entertainment and long sincere prayers to the Most High. In addition to eating restrictions, spiritual abstinence also follows:

The Basic Rules of Nutrition for the Lurkers in Lent 2017

The rules of eating in Lent for lay people contain a liturgical charter - a tipicon. Orthodox clerics recommend the following recommendations:

Power in Lent 2017 by day

Certainly, a competent and reasonable approach to the selection of food in Lent 2017 contributes not only to the absence of a hunger strike, but also to a more or less diverse diet. Thus, during the fasting period the following products are allowed: Depending on the week of fasting and the day of the week, the products must be raw (cold) or cooked (hot). For example, on Monday, only raw vegetables, bread, jam and others, and on Tuesday - boiled potatoes with stewed cabbage without butter.

Power in Lent in 2017 for Orthodox laymen for every day: how to choose foods for the diet

There are many interesting lean dishes suitable for proper nutrition during the Lent in 2017. But many among them need the right selection of quality ingredients. Lenten food is not very popular with tastes, so it is better to select foods for the diet and regularly alternate.

Lent 2017: a calendar of meals for every day

With the onset of fasting, the way of life and thinking must change dramatically. It is necessary to hide their habits, put aside frank outfits and bright cosmetics, move to a more suitable period of travel and entertainment. The main goal of 47 fasting days is not only a modest diet, but also peace and balance. It is not necessary to succumb to the negative surrounding, but it is better to perceive difficulties and troubles as tests. In many respects facilitates the process of fasting a quality nutrition calendar for every day. It details all that is permissible and unacceptable for the Orthodox worldly person. Following him, it is easy to make a diet and pick up a suitable lean meal by day. We, in turn, offer you a diet for one week, depicting the rules of nutrition for all canons:

Thousands of people began to perceive the beginning of Lent, as a fashionable modern trend. After all, during this period, you can pretty lose weight and save, adhering to the day after fasting. But for true believers of the Orthodox laymen this is quiet pacification, long prayer and inner contemplation, purification, deliverance from sins. In Lent fast food by days and by weeks, certainly, wins an important role. But where is more important, following a strict calendar and strict rules, to remain a balanced, kind and positive person.